How to Add Scenes and Sources in StreamLabs

How to Add Scenes and Sources in StreamLabsStreamlabs OBS is one of the most used streaming software in the world, especially thanks to its simplicity and its many features. In Streamlabs OBS, Scenes will allow you to deliver different types of content to your viewers.

How to Add Scenes and Sources in StreamLabs

To create a scene on Streamlabs OBS, you will need to click on the “+”, located in the “Scene” tab of the software. You will then have to choose a name before you can link one or more sources to it.

Although creating scenes is simple on Streamlabs OBS, be aware that there are all types, depending on the source you are linking to. For example, you can broadcast a game, an animated wallpaper, text, or even a browser like google.

How to Create scenes on StreamLabs OBS

Creating scenes in Streamlabs OBS is paramount to delivering content to your viewers. Indeed, the scene represents an area of ​​your screen, which will be retransmitted during your streams.

To create a zone, click on the “+”, located in the “Scene” tab of the software, and choose a name:

You can decide to add a filter to it with a right click on the scene name -> filters:

To perform a test, click on “live broadcast”, at the bottom right.

How to Add sources to StreamLabs OBS

The scene is used to choose an area of ​​your screen to broadcast, while the sources are all the little additions allowing you to customize your scene.

To create a source, you just need to click on the “+” in the “Sources” tab. You will then have the choice between a multitude of choices such as:

Type de sourceUsefulness
ImageCast an image to the screen
Browser SourcePublish a website
Diaporama d’imagesBroadcast multiple images
ScreenshotBroadcast a screenshot
game captureBroadcast a game
Capturing audio inputBroadcast sound from a microphone
Capture OpenVRStream content from a VR headset
ScèneCreate a scene
ColorCast a background on the screen
Media fileStream videos, audio, gifs etc.
Text (GDI+)Create and distribute text
window captureDistribute software
Video capture deviceBroadcast webcam, capture card
Capturing audio outputCast desktop sound
Screen CaptureSave your games

Take 2 minutes to think about your needs in terms of sources. In our example, we want to stream a game, show our webcam, and add a subs and donations lens.

Game capture: the streaming babe

The “Game capture” source is the most important for those who want to stream a game, since it will allow you to broadcast your games live.

To create it, click on the “+” of the “Scene” tab, select “Game capture” and give it a name:

You will then have the possibility to define several options, and in particular the capture mode, among:

  • Automatique
  • Capture full screen apps
  • Capture a specific window
  • Capture window in foreground via keyboard shortcut

Automatic mode

The first option, “Automatic”, will leave the hand to Streamlabs OBS, which is able to define when you have just launched a game.

If you play well-known titles, the software will have no trouble adjusting your scene to the game.

Video capture: display your webcam

The video capture device is the source that will allow you to display your webcam on the screen. To create it, click on the “+” of the “Scene” tab, choose “Video capture device” and give it a name:

If your webcam is not showing in “Device”, click on “Configure video”.

A window will then appear, allowing you to adjust the parameters of your webcam in detail. In particular, it will allow you to adjust the brightness or the contrast, depending on the room in which you are.

You can leave the other default settings, and click “finish”

Donation Goal: Track Your Progress

If your Twitch, Youtube Gaming or Facebook Gaming account is connected to Streamlabs OBS, you have access to the widgets, in the sources bar.

You can choose from a list of many widgets, such as a “donation goal”, a “sponsor banner” or a “viewer counter”.

To display a donation counter, click on “Donation Goals”, and give the window a name. You will then have the possibility to shape your donation bar:

By clicking on “Final objective”, you can modify your objective as well as the number of days remaining:

Here is the result :

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