How is Twitch dealing with hate attacks?

How is Twitch dealing with hate attacks?Twitch’s growing popularity has brought bad news for streamers. In recent months, many Twitch streamers have reported hate attacks, which are users using Twitch’s raid culture to hijack other users’ chats with bot accounts and post hateful comments.

Twitch dealing with hate attacks

If you’ve joined Twitch recently, you should know about these attacks and what Twitch is doing to combat them. That’s why we’ve gathered all the essential information about Twitch hate attacks in this article. So read on.

What is Twitch’s raid culture? And what are hate attacks?

Twitch’s raid culture refers to the practice of sending viewers to other streamers’ channels. For example, if you like someone’s channel and their content, you can send your viewers to that channel, which would be an attack. It’s a way to show support for other content creators on the platform, and for the most part, it’s helped develop a sense of community.

However, malicious users have twisted the culture and sent viewers to abuse other content creators. These hate attacks have often been directed at marginalized content creators, and the posts left by real users and bot accounts involved in the attacks are typically racist, transphobic, and offensive.

Marooned content creators who had to bear the brunt of raids were up in arms in 2021. The hashtags #twitchdobetter and #dobettertwitch were trending, and the creators pretty firmly asked Twitch what it was doing to stop it. attacks Additionally, several streamers made attempts on their own to keep their chats clean of negativity and hate.

How has Twitch reacted?

In response to complaints from streamers, Twitch announced the addition of new verification tools to combat all types of harassment the platform faces. In a blog post dated September 29, 2021, Twitch said that harassment of creators is prohibited and unacceptable. He also said he needed to do more to prevent hateful behavior from becoming a problem on the platform.

Twitch took steps to combat hate attacks by updating its moderation toolkit via verified phone and email chat. Verification requirements for a channel can be set by both content creators and moderators. If you want to access this setting, you must go to the ‘Moderation’ page under ‘Settings’, which you can find on the ‘Dashboard’. You must enable phone and email verification. By default, it is turned off.

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In the blog post, Twitch also mentioned that it took time to develop the tool because it wanted to make sure it worked in all regions and devices before launch. The platform also said that the impact of the new tool would be monitored, and if necessary, further changes and improvements would be made.
The platform also stated that it would be launching an escape tool in the future, which would go a long way in empowering content creators and reducing harm.


While Twitch’s commitment to reducing incidents of hate speech is quite commendable, the fact is that change cannot happen overnight. In order to completely stop hate attacks on the platform, the Twitter community must put up a united front against them. There should also be innovation in technology, which will allow more security features to be implemented.

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