How to Host on Twitch in 2023 [Full Guide]

How to Host on Twitch in 2022 [Full Guide] : The streaming platform Twitch offers all content creators the opportunity to found a community, expand it and let it become something really big. This community is not only limited to the viewers of their own stream, but can also develop the channels of other streamers.

Streaming teams and the hosting function are available for this. What exactly hosting actually is, how you can host on Twitch and what advantages a host brings, we have worked through all of this for you.

Manual Hosting in 2023: Five Easy Steps

You can host other channels through Twitch both manually and automatically, regardless of what streaming software you use.

Manual hosting offers the great advantage that at the end of your stream you can offer your viewers further information about the hosted channel in advance and thus increase their motivation for longer-term viewing. At the same time you have direct access to the hosting function and can decide at short notice who should be advertised by you this time.

How to host on twitch From PC

To host another channel manually, all you have to do is follow the steps below and you’re ready to host on Twitch:

  1. Step: First open the Twitch website and log in with your account .
  2. Step: Then click on your account name in the upper right corner. Now select “ Channel ” from the drop-down menu to navigate to your own Twitch channel.
  3. Step: Now enter ” /host [channel name] ” in the bottom right corner of the chat, replacing the channel name with the streamer channel you want to host (see screenshot).
  4. Step: Next, the channel you hosted will be automatically integrated into your channel and your viewers can now see the other stream. In addition, new followers go directly to the hosted channel.
  5. Step: To stop hosting again, you simply have to enter ” /unhost ” in your chat.

Auto Host Twitch Channels: Five Settings

In addition to the manual variant, there is the option of an automatic host . This allows you to host other channels on Twitch even when you’re not online. Auto-hosting therefore simplifies the function and requires no further processing after a one-time setup .

To make these settings, you must first click on your account name again in the top right corner and select ” Account Settings “. Switch to the ” Channel and Videos ” tab and scroll down until you find the ” Automatic Hosting ” item.

How to Auto Host on Twitch

Here you have the possibility to change five settings so that you can host on Twitch:

  • Auto-Host Channels: This feature allows you to auto-host all Twitch channels that are on your host list . As soon as your channel goes offline and you haven’t used manual hosting, this feature will be activated.
  • Host team channels: If you are a member of a stream team , all streamers from this team will automatically be included in your host list. This way you don’t have to add these channels to the list individually.
  • Host pre-recorded videos: This setting ensures that other streamers are also hosted if they are not streaming live but are playing pre-recorded videos or reruns of older streams in their own channel – so-called VOD streams , which you can read about in this article find more information.
  • Host priority: Here you can choose between a random or fixed order when hosting your list. This allows you to determine exactly who you want to automatically host on Twitch.
  • Host list: Here you add all channels using a search function , which can then be played back via automatic hosting. One option is to add entire games and sections to your list, which will then host random streamers from the game section.

Advantages of hosting on Twitch Platform

The usefulness of hosting third-party channels may initially appear questionable for the individual streamer, after all you don’t get any direct advantages from it yourself. However, with this function you show your direct support and thus help other channels or even entire game categories.

If you draw the attention of your viewers to a big tournament of your favorite game, for example, or you just want to support a friend, you have the opportunity to do so here. The big streamers know why they regularly host on Twitch.

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In return , many streamers will retaliate and host you as soon as they go offline. This allows you to quickly gain a large number of new followers and further expand your channel. In addition, the community will be divided into a few channels, which allows for closer cooperation and strengthens the viewership. Ultimately, everyone involved benefits from hosting other streams.

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