HesGoal Tv 2024: New Address + Alternatives

HesGoal Tv 2024: New Address 2024 + Alternatives – Since the site has been blocked, many of you have been wondering if HesGoal no longer works or has changed address. The latter, due to its illicit nature, has simply been restricted in France by the ISPs. Let’s see below what the new HesGoal link is and everything you need to know about the site before accessing it.

HesGoal is one of the most popular football and car streaming sites in the world. It highlights most sporting events and football matches accessible in streaming using redirection links to readers. The latter is particularly renowned for broadcasting the Champions League , Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 .

However, if you were a regular at the HesGoal site you certainly noticed that the site was now inaccessible from its official URL address. The latter, for obvious reasons linked to illegal streaming of content, was targeted by French internet service providers (Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free), then blocked on the territory. However, it still remains accessible to certain countries and could be subject to a change of address. We will also mention equivalents to HesGoal at the bottom of the article.

First of all, it is important to know that the HesGoal site does not seem to respect the TV rights on the works it broadcasts and may therefore be illegal. We do not encourage you to access or use the site through this article and it is your responsibility to inform yourself about the risks involved.

Important  : If, despite these warnings, you wish to access the site, be sure to activate your VPN to 

hide your IP address and secure your connection. We advise you to use 

NordVPN which are the most suitable.

Why is HesGoal often blocked?

When accessing HesGoal from France, an inaccessibility message is now displayed on the screen:
The site was blocked by French ISPs for non-compliance with copyright on the programs broadcast. The latter has suffered complaints from numerous football federations, including UEFA in particular.

However, the site remains accessible in certain countries and it is enough to simulate its presence in Switzerland (for example) using a VPN to notice this:
Unblock HesGoal with Cyberghost
Our IP address being geolocated in Switzerland, we have full access to the HesGoal site without blocking.

Does HesGoal have a new address?

Since HesGoal no longer works without a VPN in France, it is questionable whether it has a new official URL . The latter is permanently available on the site’s Twitter account: @hesgoalme.

We see that the site has changed address and is now available under the new address:


Unblock HesGoal with Cyberghost

You must therefore use a VPN to access HesGoal and the site has not communicated about a possible change of address for the moment.

Why should you use a VPN on HesGoal?

The first reason is technical, the site is simply no longer accessible without a VPN . A geolocation in Switzerland is necessary to connect to the site.

Then, when we access HesGoal, all of our personal data is exposed (surname, first name, address, etc.) through our IP address and can easily be perceived by our internet service provider. This is also how some of you have probably already received letters of warning or fines from authorities such as Hadopi (now ARCOM), fines which can rise to €1,500 .

Hide your IP address with Cyberghost

Using a VPN not only allows you to hide your IP address (and the information attached to it) but also to secure your browsing on potentially dangerous sites.

Is HesGoal legal?

HesGoal is not legal from the moment it illegally distributes content protected by copyright, without even owning it. This is the case with UEFA football matches in particular. The site is therefore illegal and this is the reason why it closed its doors.

If you are looking for a legal sports streaming site, we can direct you to the following subscription-based paid sports TV packages: BeIN Sports, Canal+, RMC Sport and Eurosport. Each of them has TV rights to the matches broadcast and are completely legal.

3 Alternatives to HesGoal:

There are several sites very similar to HesGoal and also offering streaming of football matches, without registration. We offer some of them below, although these do not seem to respect copyright either.

  • Streamonsport
  • ChannelStream
  • Live TV

Before accessing any of these sites, always remember to activate your VPN to secure your browsing.

Our opinion on HesGoal:

Finally, HesGoal is an interesting site because it offers quite a few football matches, even matches from the smallest leagues. For example for France, the site broadcast Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 for free , which is rare for an international site.

The ergonomics of the site are quite old school and could be significantly improved. Then, the fact that the site is inaccessible in France is a real negative point, even if it can be accessible with a VPN.

Finally, we cannot have a positive opinion on HesGoal because the latter does not seem to respect broadcasting rights and is illegal. Please take precautions before accessing HesGoal.com or any other similar site.

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