How to Get More Viewers on Twitch in 2022 [10 Easy Ways]

The Ultimate Guide to Get More Viewers on Twitch in 2022 – 10 ways to get more viewers on Twitch, Corona has literally exploded the number of Twitch streamers. For many, streaming is a hobby. However, a majority of them are hoping for a bigger career or regular additional income in the future. 

Zero to twenty Twitch viewers , that’s the bottom line for most streamers. In this article you will find out which methods are available to increase the number of viewers in the long term.

10 ways to get more viewers on Twitch

1st method: Mutual raids during the live streams

A raid on Twitch means that a streamer redirects their viewers to another live stream as soon as they end the stream themselves. This can sometimes be several viewers at once, catapulting your viewer numbers up for a short time.

It’s always the same process. You get a raid, are happy, say thank you and ask the other streamer how his stream was and what he played with his community. 

Then there is the greeting of the new viewers, etc. In the end, however, it is always the case that your viewer numbers fall back to the initial value very quickly.

Viewers usually choose their streamers themselves. Only very rarely does a raid meet the taste of several Twitch viewers. Nevertheless, there is always the exception that this gives you a gain:

Advantage: A large raid can certainly embarrass a few new viewers.

Disadvantage: In most cases, no spectators remain permanently from the raid.

2nd method: Use Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit intensively

“I’m live, come on…”, “I play Resident Evil and I get scared regularly, come on…”. With such Twitter messages, I keep asking myself: “Why???” 

Many streamers are incredibly uncreative when it comes to handling social media. With the above announcements you can possibly only animate your regular viewers to tune in, but certainly not attract new, interested viewers.

Set monthly, easily achievable goals for expanding your account. The goal must be to gain more reach over the long term, i.e. to increase your number of followers. 

If you have 140 followers in September, set yourself the goal of increasing the number to 150 followers by the end of November, for example.

Make a name for yourself with meaningful contributions! Join discussions where your answer doesn’t get lost in 300 replies in seconds. 

Try to start your own new topics or surveys almost every day, be it about everyday things or about gaming, Twitch or YouTube. Pictures or short videos always make a good impression in the postings.

The readers have to get a positive image of you, then they decide to follow. Live stream announcements make readers curious when they are packaged in an exciting way, like in a film series.

Advantage:  Social media is the most effective way to attract the attention of potential new Twitch viewers.

Disadvantage: Success does not come quickly and above all not by itself. Building a larger reach takes months and needs to be maintained sensibly and regularly.  

3rd method: Create Youtube videos

If you look at larger Twitch streamers, you will notice again and again that they often also run a well-run YouTube channel. This is a good source to build another base for potential Twitch viewers.

The catch with Youtube is that it’s not that easy to grow here either. The videos have to be really good, either informative or with good humor. A maximum running time of 10-20 minutes, otherwise it will be too long for the viewers.

Youtube also requires proper clocking so that your own videos are more likely to be suggested to some viewers. So the more videos you upload each week, the more likely it is that you will be found.

Cutting a video is already a very big challenge for beginners. However, creating an eye-catching thumbnail (preview image in miniature view) is the next major effort. 

Even professionals sometimes need up to an hour to create such thumbnails, which are ideal for advertising.

Advantage: Youtube subscribers who find your videos appealing are relatively easy to win as new Twitch viewers.

Disadvantage: Good videos with very good thumbnails in high frequency are a lot of work.

 In addition, patience is also called for, since the number of subscribers cannot be built up very quickly. 

In the end, the quality of your videos also decides whether the subscriptions grow quickly or slowly.

4th Method: Create a blog

A wonderful example is Twitch streamer . In addition to her channel, she has set up a blog in which she regularly reports on games and Twitch. 

With this she got a lot of backlinks on Google & Co. If you search for certain topics about Twitch in the search engines, their topics are often displayed and also visited.

With WordPress, you can easily build your own blog. After a few video introductions, the blog is quickly installed. Nevertheless, the operation of a homepage is not so quickly broken over the knee. Data protection regulations must be created and integrated, imprint, etc.

In general, a blog with regular topics will help you a lot to be found much more easily on the internet. With every blog article you write, you generate new search results in the search engines.


If you manage to get to page 1 or 2 of the search engines with a few articles in the search results, you will generate permanent visitors for your homepage. 

If you write interesting articles in general, there is a good chance that one or the other reader will also drop by your live streams.


Familiarization with WordPress is easy, but certainly very time-consuming in the beginning.

In addition to streaming, you should also write posts regularly so that the search engines rank you higher in the search queries.

5th Method: Activity in multiple discords

In your live streams, hardly any Twitch viewers are interested in the fact that you play the game Planet Zoo as streamer number 25,648. Your personality is more important, you put yourself in the center behind your camera.

Discord channels are now a dime a dozen. Whether these are separate channels for almost every streamer or topics related to a game. There are also channels that are purely about hobby gaming, as I have already introduced to Valley of Games .

Similar to social media, you can also bring yourself closer to other gamers in Discord channels. Participate sensibly in different text areas or let yourself be looked into voice channels from time to time.

The more people get to know you as a person, the more word gets around that you stream on Twitch. In the end, the viewers are loyal companions who know you as a person even before their first visit.

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Don’t just focus on one Discord, but specifically select several. However, they shouldn’t be too big either, as it’s just harder to get a grip on people’s heads.

It is also very important that you read the rules carefully, because very often advertising is not allowed. Nevertheless, over time, word of what you do on Twitch can get around without direct advertising.

Advantage: People visit your Twitch channel who have already met you in advance. There’s a good chance these will become regular viewers in the future.

Disadvantage: To stand out, you also need high activity and participation in posts on Discord. Appearing in the Voice is the best way to get to know people better and faster.

6th Method: Register in various forums

Forums are certainly part of a dying age, but some of them are still very well attended. For Twitch and Youtube, there are still some very well-running forums. It is even allowed to add a link to your own channel to the profile.

In order to stand out as a personality again, it is advisable to write posts or to respond to the posts of others and to write meaningful answers.

Similar to your own homepage, you generate search results in the search engines with forum posts. Important backlinks are created, which always lead back to all your channels.


Forum readers will notice you and visit your Twitch channel from time to time. 

Anyone who reads your posts more often builds up a certain affection and can definitely become a new Twitch viewer.


You should not lose sight of the forums in which you write posts. 

Activity is required and there are always new, interesting contributions. The time commitment can be quite high.

7th method: Raffle giveaways

What always attracts attention are giveaways. Whether it’s a 20 Euro Amazon or Steam voucher, interesting game keys or hardware (mouse, mouse pad, etc.), you can always attract new viewers with it.

As a rule, streamers announce such campaigns several times on their social media channels so that as many readers as possible notice it. 

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The giveaway campaign is addressed several times in the stream so that viewers can enter the raffle on an ongoing basis. The raffle is deliberately delayed for a long time so that the new viewers stay longer and decide to follow.


With very interesting giveaways, it may well be that it pushes your channel on the day of the raffle.

 If you do the raffle according to the delay concept, it is very possible that you will get new followers.


As a rule, visitors only come because of the giveaways. Some visitors may then come more often, some only leave a follow out of friendliness, but are hardly or never seen again. 

Of course, you have to finance the investment for a giveaway in advance and hope that it was either a good advertising deal or that the amount will be recouped through subs or donations on the day.

8th Method: Organize or participate in fundraisers

This is always a good advertising medium for your social media channels, which ultimately serves a really good purpose.

In connection with other streamers, a fundraiser for one to two weeks in favor of the environment or animal world or, for example, for a children’s hospice. 

You always have the opportunity to join a fundraising campaign by other streamers or simply take care of the organization and arrangement yourself. Your viewers always appreciate it if you invest a small donation yourself.


The promotion for your Twitch channel may bring you one or two new viewers. 

You also get a good feeling because you have done something good for the environment, wildlife or institutions in need.

Disadvantage: I don’t see a clear disadvantage here at all, except that probably no large mass of new viewers will come to you.

9th Method: Stream regularly, fixed stream plan

A fixed stream plan does not necessarily help to get more viewers, but to consolidate the stock. For example, if you set your live streams to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, it will be easy to remember and after a few weeks you will see that your numbers remain even.

It becomes difficult if you stream spontaneously and irregularly. Your viewers will only find out about this via social media or if they happen to be on Twitch. 

This method is rather counterproductive for constant or increasing viewer numbers.

Advantage: The number of viewers remains constant, the further expansion is a little easier.

Disadvantage: Your private life is severely restricted, it becomes more difficult to spontaneously pursue other everyday situations. 

A cancellation of fixed live streams is also an additional expense.

10th Method: Recognize the truth!

At this point I would like to compare successful and unsuccessful streamers with an example:

In a school class, there are often two or three students around whom a bunch of people gather during the breaks. These two to three students have an inherent charisma and entertainment value.

They always have something to report, even if they talk about the weather, it is still very interesting for the rest of the students.

Many successful streamers comment that they were just lucky and were in the right place at the right time. An example of this is certairom which some streamers benefited. 

Nevertheless, one can also see here that the number of viewers for these participants is now developing back to a previous level. 

For me, this mention of “happiness” is in most cases only a protective curtain, because many people do not want to brag about the effectiveness of their charisma.

I contend, “Successful streamers aren’t lucky, they have that certain something that gets them a lot of attention even with the simplest of topics.”

If you have been streaming on Twitch for two to three years and your viewership numbers are not increasing, then there is a high probability that you are certainly not inferior.

But your charisma and entertainment value simply do not magically attract a large crowd. Here I recommend you to choose from two variants:

The variants without talent and luck

Accept that you just aren’t growing in big chunks and will likely stay steady in your viewership average. Switch your mind and enjoy streaming as a fun factor, as a hobby, which gives you a lot of joy. 

Don’t put yourself under any more pressure, feel free to cancel a stream if you feel like spending the evening on the terrace or with friends in summer.

Again a comparison with the school days: There are school subjects that are linked to logical thinking, where some students easily achieve top marks and others do not get on the road to success despite intensive study. 

On the other hand, there are pure learning subjects in which every student can be successful, you just have to invest a lot of time and learn some areas by heart.

The methods listed in this article are, so to speak, these learning subjects. So if you are not a natural talent or do not have the necessary charisma, you can focus more on yourself or the stream channel through diligent work. 

The success rates for this are quite given that you will win more Twitch viewers with it. How far you can push these numbers up depends on how well you can use these methods and get yourself in the spotlight.

Please leave your opinion in the comment box at the very end, which would make me very happy. It may well help many other streamers reading this article as well.

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