How to Fix Twitch Error 1000

Fix Twitch Error 1000 – Sometimes you can’t watch a Twitch broadcast because the service crashes every few minutes with a 1000 error and a message indicates that the video download has been canceled or has been interrupted.

Reasons for the Twitch 1000 Error

There are several reasons that can precede this Twitch error code:

  1. Corrupted Twitch cookies.
  2. Outdated browser version. As you know, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have introduced some mandatory security changes related to HTML5 playback. In this case, update your browser to the latest version.
  3. HTML5 playback is disabled in Chrome. Since this option has been removed from the settings, the solution is to reset the browser to its default values.

How to Fix Twitch Error 1000

Fix Twitch Error 1000 Via Deleting cookies

In many cases, Twitch error 1000 is due to corrupted cookies. There are two solutions to the problem – deleting only Twitch cookies or clearing them completely from the browser.

Full cleaning is faster, but then all registered sites will be deleted. On the other hand, deleting Twitch cookies takes longer, but is a targeted approach.

If you are using Chrome, for a complete cleanup, open the main menu and go to settings.

In the left pane, select the Security & Privacy section and click on Delete History. Set the time range to All Time, make sure the cookies, images, and other cached data options are checked. Then click on “Delete data”.

If you prefer a focused approach to only clear Twitch’s cookies, under Security & Privacy, click on “Cookies and other site data”.

Select “All cookies and site data” and use the search to delete each specific Twitch file.

If you continue to encounter error 1000 after doing this, continue to the next step.

Fix Twitch Error 1000 Via Browser update

One common cause that precedes this error code is an outdated version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, the problem can occur in any Chromium-based browser.

Google Chrome


Expand the main menu by clicking on the icon with three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to Help – About Google Chrome Browser.

After opening the window, a scan for new updates will automatically start. If found, they will install.

After the installation is complete, the browser will automatically restart. Go back to Twitch and see if the 1000 error has been fixed.

Linux OS:

Open a terminal, type the following command and press Enter to initiate the update:

sudo apt update

When prompted for confirmation, click on “Y” and wait for the operation to complete.

After downloading the latest Google repository, enter the given command and confirm its launch with Enter to install the latest build of Chrome:

sudo apt-get –only-upgrade install google-chrome-stable

Once done, launch Chrome and see if this error code remains on Twitch.

Mozilla Firefox


Expand the main menu by clicking on the icon with three lines. Go to Help – About Firefox.

If a new version is available, click on the “Restart and update Firefox” button, then wait for the operation to complete.

Linux OS:

Open a terminal, on an Ubuntu or Debian Linux distribution, enter the following commands to update Firefox to the latest build available:

  • $ sudo apt-get update
  • $ sudo apt-get install firefox

If Fedor, Redhat, or CentOS is installed, use the Yum or GUI tool to run these commands:

  • # yum update
  • # yum update firefox

Once the builds are up to date, open Twitch and see if the video breaks with error 1000.

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Reset browser settings

In Chrome, the bug is related to HTML5 playback. Try resetting the settings to default.

Expand the main menu and select Settings. Scroll down the page and click on the “Advanced” button.

Find the “Reset and remove malware” section and click on the “Restore default settings” option.

After the operation is completed, restart your browser. Check if the broadcast is interrupted with error 1000.

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