Do You Use HiFI Services When Streaming Music?

Do You Use HiFI Services When Streaming Music? – It seems that most markets for music streaming services already have some excellent options and features. Music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music are some of the applications that you can download from the Play Store, the way the applications work is actually very simple where they will curate the songs for users to listen to.

Do You Use HiFI Services When Streaming Music?

However, there is a case where users really want to maximize the experience in their music library, to do this you need higher quality audio. 

You can switch to local playback, but if you prefer streaming songs there will be many packages that will provide this feature.

Prefer Standard Quality or Higher Quality

When it comes to music streaming services, of course we can’t be separated from the name Spotify. Unfortunately, even though Spotify has announced a higher level of audio quality in the last year, until now Spotify has not launched the HiFi service and it doesn’t look like the feature will be coming anytime soon.

In January, there was some news about this new service but there is still no specific time details for the planned release, although many people say that this feature will be released in 2021 in fact until now it has not been done. Luckily, nowadays users can easily switch from Spotify to another service that has higher quality music streaming.

Apple Music made a big splash last year after announcing high-quality songs at no extra cost, albeit with some device support on its side. It was a strategic move and made competitors do a lot of “copy-paste” actions on the feature. 

It’s been proven that Amazon doesn’t take long to “copy and paste” by creating a HiFi service as a substitute for the standard “Music Unlimited” package at no additional cost.

Another big name that does not miss to use this service is Tidal. Tidal itself is one of the original names in high-quality streaming games. Around the end of last year, Tidal launched several ad-supported plans to rival Spotify, along with high-quality plans that were cheaper than other platforms.

In addition, smaller services like Deezer and Qobuz also offer high bitrate streaming, although the prices are higher than the names mentioned above.

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How to Stream Youtube Without Buffering

With HiFi music services now cheaper than ever, it seems fitting that I should ask if you are interested in trying this HiFi service, or maybe you prefer standard quality music, or maybe you prefer downloaded music.

And play it locally (illegal download music)? or maybe you’re not interested in music streaming services?. Please write your opinion in the column below.

Okay, that was a brief opinion regarding the use of hifi music streaming, I hope this article is useful for all of you.

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