Cpasbien 2024 – Address, Alternatives, Torrents + Safety Tips

Cpasbien Address 2024 – Want to download new films , series, software, ebook, music, PDF So you are Fans of Torrent files In this case You are looking for the new address of cpasbien 2022 2023 2024 a site dedicated to torrent which was the successor to and cpasbien, so however this site has changed address so here is our opinion

In 2022, downloading is still on the rise for many Internet users looking for films, series or even video games. In this regard, the cpasbien site offers an interesting alternative for those who use torrents.

Downloading content protected by copyright is illegal in France and a new authority, the Arcom law, has made it possible to intensify the hunt for digital pirates as we saw with the closure at the end of April of the most big download site, Download Zone.

But that doesn’t stop many users from still looking for content to download illegally. To avoid ending up like some, these sites, like cpasbien, often change addresses. In this article, you will find the new address of the French site preferred by those who use torrents.

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Today, cpasbien no longer officially exists: they have changed names since 2019 and are now called oxtorrent. Suffice to say that you should definitely not go to the or cpasbien.ox links, which are often highlighted.

What is cpasbien?

This is a site that is now very old. The download platform was created in 2012 and is today one of the best-known sites in France. Particularly popular, the site reached a peak of 30 million monthly visitors during its “record” era.

Internet users can find a list on its home page with films, series, music or even video games in the form of torrents . It is absolutely free to access and does not require registration unlike several competitors on the illegal downloading market.

How does it work?

You may know “Zone-Téléchargement” which is the reference website for those who want to do DL, “Direct Download”. This is called direct downloading . But, in the case of cpasbien, it is a fundamentally different technology in its operation.

Opinions on the downloading speed of this type of site differ from those of streaming, although most of them have this option. Indeed, bittorent requires storage software with a slower speed to load the different files.

Indeed, cpasbien is a torrent tracker. Some sites also mention a torrent directory. Concretely, Internet users who connect to it can download a torrent file. It’s not directly about the movie or series they want. But this file must then be read via specific software like uTorrent . The download is then done through the “peer-to-peer” (P2P) protocol. This is an exchange between different users on the internet. Be careful though, when you do this, your IP address becomes exposed. It is therefore necessary to use a VPN.

A platform that does not please the authorities

This is definitely a no-brainer due to its name but cpasbien is not a legal website. It allows access to many files on the Internet. However, these are not, for many of them, freely accessible. The cpasbien download site therefore finds itself illegal due to non-compliance with copyright legislation . Those who make a video, series or music available do not own the rights. However, due to the torrent downloading system itself, from the moment you download content and also make it available, you too are illegal.

Due to this situation, the authorities are hunting down sites like cpasbien. They have no interest in keeping it active, quite the contrary. To escape governments and justice, the creators of the platform do not hesitate to regularly change its address. This maneuver, intended to keep the site online, can also prove problematic for users .

Why did you change your address?

A site that shares paid content for free is an illegal site, so this is why according to the DCMA, some sites that host content are sometimes removed from Google search results, resulting in a change of address.

What can happen when I’m on an illegal site?

Some countries are very strict when it comes to copyright, under the risk of legal action because all means are put in place to track an Internet user, which is why it is preferable to be anonymous by using a VPN service without logging your data to avoid problems.

Beware of fake sites copying cpasbien

There are fake copies of cpasbien that will sometimes ask you to download software or enter personal data to be able to access the files you want to download. One of them will even ask you to scan a barcode with an application that you have previously installed on your smartphone. In short, you will have understood, caution is essential and it is really necessary to check whenever you can that it is indeed the official website .

Cpasbien Proxy Sites and Mirror Sites

The new official address of cpasbien in 2024

If cpasbien is so popular with Internet users, it is of course because of its longevity but also the quality of the content which is accessible there free of charge and without registration. It’s impossible not to mention the breadth of its catalog of films and series that could make Netflix blush . But the site had to transfer its entire database to the link of another site: oxtorrent. In fact, cpasbien had to close its doors after pressure from bodies fighting against digital piracy. To avoid losing its entire library, the website redirected everything to oxtorrent, but there are mirror sites that work by reusing download links.

Gktorrent as we said above is from the family of the famous torrent9 , considered the best French tracker, even if the latter is full of some advertisements, however it is then the only means of remuneration for the author of this site. new address is as follows:

>> Latest link (mirror site): <<

cpasbien does not open, try with NordVPN complete pack to unblock

Cpasbien New in 2024

Cpasbien-netflix sees the light of day and now replaces netflix in terms of illegal ddl downloading? so know that this site is just a fake address offering bogus search engines full of advertising. free music to download does not require a QR code and you will find the psp games without registration given that it is the real official alternative site to Zetorrents

cpasbien :

Cpasbien Alternatives

Some alternatives to Torrent9 include: YTS, LimeTorrents, Torrentz2, EZTV. 

Here are some alternatives to Cpasbien: 

  • Torrent9
  • T411
  • YggTorrent
  • Kickass Torrents
  • ZeTorrents
  • RuTracker
  • Gk Torrent
  • TorrentGalaxy
  • EliteTorrent
  • TorrentFunk

Last Words

We think we have made reviews of all the torrent sites to help you do your downloads with complete peace of mind, so don’t hesitate to share a torrent site that you would like us to test, which will be the title of a new article.

What is the official address of Cpasbien?

The Cpasbien torrent site has changed its URL and name since 2019. You will no longer find the design of the site but the same database. The new link can be found in this article.

What are the alternatives to Cpasbien?

There are many alternatives to the Cpasbien bittorrent site. First, the French site torrent9 which offers files for free on the web. Also, you can find YGGtorrent online which is a good alternative.

Downloading non-royalty free content is not authorized by law in France. Thus, torrenting is illegal. We advise you to use a VPN like NordVPN when downloading because your IP address is exposed. With a VPN, you can be sure to be anonymous when downloading by changing your country of origin.

How to identify fake torrent sites?

To find out if the site you are on is a mirror site or a scam, avoid torrents with the most recent content, check the site where you download your file, avoid links with passwords and be wary of sites with WMV or WMA extensions!

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