How to Change Twitch Banner: Ultimate Guide

How to Change Twitch Banner – I assume you’re coming from the complete Guide to stream on Twitch . Before, the process to change your banner was not at all intuitive, things as they are. However, the platform has finally updated the channel settings, making figuring out how to put a banner on Twitch no longer take an absurd amount of time. And here ‘s everything you need to know about Twitch banners!

What is a Twitch banner? What are they for?

Twitch banners are another of the customizations that we can use on this platform, and that will be seen when someone enters your channel while you are offline . If you have not configured it yet, then you will only have an image with the name of your channel , and to change it you can follow what I will show you next.

How to Change your banner on Twitch

Now there is not much you need to do to change the Twitch banner , as long as you already have the cover photo you want to use already created. Here I will show you how to put a banner on your Twitch channel in a couple of steps; though if you’re looking to make one, you’ll find it later.

Step 1: Go into settings 

To enter the configurations of your channel you must follow the usual procedure. Click on your profile picture , and then select “Settings” at the bottom of the dropdown menu. 

Step 2: Upload the banner image

On the screen you are redirected to, you can see a section called “Profile Banner” , where you can upload the image you have prepared .

Just below that button you have the details that the image must meet , and these will automatically adjust if you don’t follow them.

What are the Size of a Twitch banner?

The recommended size of a Twitch banner is 1200 x 480 , and the image you upload to the platform should be no larger than 10MB . As I mentioned before, Twitch will automatically adjust the banner if it has larger dimensions; causing the image not to be seen on some occasions.

How to change the color of the Twitch channel

Once you have uploaded the banner to your Twitch profile , you will see a colored block in the bottom right corner of the screen . This already depends on your tastes, and if you want to change this detail, you can see how to change the color of the Twitch channel to at least adapt it to your banner.

Step 1: Enter your brand settings

You must first enter the “Creator Control Panel” from your profile picture, and then go to “Settings” and “Channel” . Within these settings you have a few tabs, among which is «Brand» . Enter there, and continue with the procedure.

Step 2: Choose the Profile detail color

Scroll down a bit on the screen and you will see the “Profile detail color” section , where you can select the color of all the blocks in your channel. Choose a color range by moving the button that appears, and then click on the panel to choose the one that looks best . When you are done save the changes.

How can I put an offline banner on Twitch?

In that same part of the settings you can put a Twitch offline banner , or as everyone probably knows them, the banners that indicate that you are offline . It is not too complicated to change it, of course, if you already have it designed.

How to Change offline banner on Twitch

Adding this customization to your channel is really simple , and necessary if I may say so. After all, it is not advisable to have a black screen on the page that everyone will see. See how to put an offline banner on Twitch , and thus give a special touch to your direct.

Step 1: Enter your brand settings

Go into the “Creator Control Panel” as you normally would, and then go to the “Settings” option on the side menu. Pull it down, and select “Channel”, and then “Brand” . Yes, it is basically repeating the first step of the above procedure.

Step 2: Upload the offline banner to your channel

At the bottom of the “Brand” tab page you have a section called “Video Player Banner” , where you can upload an image to be the offline banner of your profile. The banner requirements are the same ; a resolution of 1200 x 480, and a maximum size of 10 MB.

Change Twitch Banners are not the only customization of the channel…

It seems obvious to say, but these features are easily forgotten by those content creators who have not gone through the most complete Twitch Guide. You are one of them? Then you’ll want to start with this Twitch Panels guide , where you’ll learn all about these settings.

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