Why Use the Better Twitch TV (BetterTTV) Extension?

BetterTTV: Why Use the Better Twitch TV Extension – If BetterTTV is now quite well known in the world of streamers, it is for many reasons. 

What is Better Twitch TV?

But above all because it makes life easier and is super easy to use! First of all, you should know that Better Twitch TV is an extension that you install on your internet browser

It is compatible with Chrome, Safari and even Firefox . Today its main interest and that it allows adding multiple functionalities to Twitch.

➞ Download the Better Twitch TV extension

What features does BetterTTV offer?

After installing the Better Twitch TV extension, there will be no noticeable changes at first sight. On the other hand, as soon as we go to the Twitch settings at the bottom right of the small gear, we will now see a “BetterTTV” section appear.

From there, we will find many new features available, of which here is a small summary:

  • Create an emote for his Twitch channel (112px x 112px)
  • Add bots to your Twitch channel
  • Synchronize your Discord with your Twitch to give access to the channel’s emotes
  • Join a live completely anonymously
  • Have extra emotes on Twitch
  • Own emotes in the form of gifs
  • Allow nick auto-completion with @…
  • Disable channel host mode, color on nicknames, autoplay on the homepage…
  • Hide clip messages, bits, recommended channels, recommended friends, etc.
  • Blacklist words so they no longer appear in their chat.
  • Highlight specific words in chat
  • Change chat font & font size
  • clean chat

In short, you will have understood BetterTTV offers a lot of nice little features and I invite you to install it to see it more closely. 

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The most interesting thing is for streamers when you have a Discord including your community and you want to create multiple emotes for your channel.

Enable BetterTTV emotes on Twitch

To activate Better Twitch TV emotes on Twitch, it’s simple, first go to the Twitch dashboard. Next :

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right
  • You will see a “BetterTTV settings” tab
  • Set “BetterTTV Emotes” to “ON”.
  • And everything is good! 😉

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