Best Twitch Bots for Streamers in 2023

Best Twitch Bots for Streamers in 2023 – Here is a helpful and comprehensive guide to all the bots you can use to moderate your Twitch channel to engage your audience and stay dynamic.

Most of these bots can also be used on YouTube!

Best Twitch Bots for Streamers in 2023


The easiest Twitch bot to use, set up and run. It is also one of the most popular bots on both Twitch and YouTube.

The best features are the ability to remove spam (be it url links, excessive swearing, capitalization and emojis) this is all customizable in case you like your community to spam chat with emotes and emojis .

You can also set up Nightbot with timed messages to promote your other social media channels or your Discord community . Other functions are:

  • song requests
  • Presents
  • complete chat logs

And… You can sync your Nightbot commands on Discord .

Streamlabs Chatbot

Available on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming , the Streamlabs Chatbot can be used within Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) or as an external tool for Windows users. It is focused on and typically used for playing games, being creative, and interacting with your audience. 

With easy-to-use chat, the ability to manage your channel’s title and game selection, and an almost limitless level of functionality to make your stream more entertaining and engaging for your community.

Link to use the bot:
Some highlights are:

  • commands
  • Citation construction functionality
  • loyalty points
  • Sound Effects (SFX)
  • song requests
  • Moderation
  • Minigames


Fully customizable, allowing you to worry less about chat spam and focus on creating a smooth stream and content. Some of the biggest Twitch users use Moobot, which shows the power it has as a moderation tool and as a control panel for the chat community.

To learn more about the Bot:


One of the deepest and most advanced Twitch bots you can choose from, with full customization when you download it to your Windows/Mac computer. It’s free and open source, which means that if you like development, you could turn it into whatever you want.

Full integrations with Twitter, StreamLabs, GameWisp, and StreamTip allow you to use any tools you already use in one place.

StreamElements Bot

If you use the other StreamElements products, the bot is a must. With built-in chat commands, spam protection, moderation, and timers, it’s easy to use and completely free.

The most interesting part of the StreamElements bot is what they call “Modules”. The modules allow you to connect your Twitter account. StreamElements Alerts include mini-games to keep your Twitch chat entertaining.

And there are more bots but they are not so well known anymore, they can be: Botisimo, Coebot and Deepbot

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