11 Best Torrent Apps for Android in 2024

Best Torrent Apps for Android – Torrent is a file containing information that can be downloaded for free. In order to download the information contained in the Torrent, you must use the application. If you usually download various files on Torrent via PC, now is the time for you to try downloading files on Torrent using your Android smartphone or tablet.

Can you download files in Torrent via Android device? Of course, I can. Through a special application that is installed on your Android device, you can download various information available on Torrents. This time, Techjustify will provide information about a good Torrent application for Android.

Best Torrent Apps for Android


If you are looking for a good Torrent app for all ages then µTorrent is the right answer for you. This is one of the Torrent applications that has received a lot of positive praise because it has a simple interface, but is still functional.

Currently, µTorrent is available on Android devices with a simple interface so that you can more quickly view and manage various files that have been downloaded on Torrent.

Through this application you can also specify a storage location, delete Torrents without losing data, and activate Torrent-connected mode when there is only a WiFi connection. µTorrent provides a free trial for those of you who want to try it before buying the paid version.


You could say that aTorrent has a lot in common with µTorrent. aTorrent is supported by the same features, from only downloading when connected to WiFi, choosing a storage location, and much more. In addition, this application also supports storage on external memory.

This application is equipped with Material Design and a Widget that allows you to monitor download progress statistics via your Android Home device. aTorrent is available in a free version as well as a paid version priced at US$2.99.


One Torrent application that has a big name is BitTorrent. Through this application you can handle magnet links more quickly. BitTorrent has Material Design which allows you to more quickly explore various information in Torrent. In other words, you can find a lot of music content, movies or other files that you want to download.

If you install BitTorrent on your Android device, then you can download the files you want more easily and quickly. BitTorent is available on the Play Store with a free and paid version for US $ 2.99.


Need a torrent with  complete files in it? Then a wise decision if you download tTorrent. In this application, anyone can  upload  and  download  any files  needed. Not only that, tTorrent also supports storing  files on external memory in the form of an SD Card. However, this only applies if your Android is already using OS version 5.0 and above.

Its complete features don’t end there, because tTorrent also supports UPnP, NAT-PMP, to proxies like HTTP and SOCKS. What’s interesting again, tTorent has a feature to download  files  automatically using RSS. Very complete,  right ? If interested, you can download this application here.


Flud is one of the many good Torrent applications. This one application is packed with many features, including support for several protocols that you won’t find in other similar applications. Flud itself offers the best Material Design compared to other Torrent applications ever.

The features in the free and paid versions of Flud are almost the same. It’s just that Flud in the paid version doesn’t have annoying ads. So far, Flud has managed to get a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store. In fact, this Torrent application has been installed 10 million times by Android users.


FrostWire is an application that is not only useful for downloading files from Torrents, but you can also search Torrents using this application. You can use magnet links or Torrent files. In addition, through FrostWire you can choose the storage location you want yourself.

Another advantage offered by this application is the availability of a built-in music player and media browser. Torrent search will be smooth when using this application, although you may find large files from websites. Overall, the features offered by FrostWire are really useful for Torrent users.


Unlike the other Torrent applications that we discussed earlier, Torrnado doesn’t download Torrent files itself. The reason is, this application will connect to your computer so you can see torrents downloaded or uploaded there. This application works on the popular cross-platform application , Transmission, and can work on two computers.

In other words, Torrnado is installed on your Android device only to manage downloads because everything is done on the computer. In Torrnado , you can add and remove torrents, view download/upload statistics, and perform other management activities.


Manage torrents on your seedbox or server using Transdrone. This nifty Torrent app can start or stop torrents, add torrents, set priorities and much more what Transdrone can do. This app seems to work well on a number of torrent clients.

There is another version of Transdrone called Transdroid, which has more features. However, only Transdrone is available on the Google Play Store, while Transdroid is only available on their official website.


Prior to this, Vuze was already known as a popular torrent application for computers. However, this time Vuze comes in an Android version that is no less good than the computer version. Through this application you can download torrents, change storage locations, and even control the download speed.

Users can also take advantage of the auto-start feature in the boot application, switch to WiFi only mode, and get notifications when torrents have finished downloading. Overall , Vuze is a very good application. You can try the free version first before deciding to buy the premium version.


Finally there is zetaTorrent which offers unique features, such as a built-in browser and ad blocker. You can also take advantage of the built-in file manager if you really need it. It also supports multiple protocols, including DHT, uTP, and Peer Exchange.

No need to hesitate to install zetaTorrent on your device because this application still has many interesting features. We recommend that you have the paid version of zetaTorrent because it offers a variety of features, from IP filtering, proxy support, and many more.


For Torrent users who are still beginners, a simple application with a minimalistic appearance will certainly make it easier for them to use Torrent. Therefore, CatTorrent comes as a simple application that allows beginners to move around more efficiently.

CatTorrent supports DHT, WiFi only mode, and allows you to change storage locations on the fly. With CatTorrent, you can easily download multiple parts of a Torrent. This functional application can be installed for free on your Android device.

In Indonesia, Torrent is an alternative  way to easily download music , movies, comics, and much more. Whatever your needs, take advantage of a good Torrent app to be able to have access to torrents via your Android device. The existence of this application replaces the method of downloading files on a PC that can be done by Torrent users.

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