10 Best Streaming Software for 2023 (Twitch & Youtube)

Best Streaming Software in 2022 (Twitch+Youtube) – More and more people are interested in streaming. While watching remains purely a leisure activity, creating and broadcasting your own content is also becoming more attractive in terms of your own career planning. 

This trend has long gone beyond the Twitch and companies such as Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft also offer corresponding services – to name just the best-known competitors.

Nowadays it is easier than ever to become a (professional) streamer yourself ,because the software offers are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and more diverse. 

If you have the appropriate computer and internet power, you can open your own channel within a very short time and get started right away. But what are the best software offers on the market to support you on this journey?

The various providers of Streaming Software

Before you just download any program, there are a few basic things to consider first. Initially, the performance of your computer or laptop plays an important role.

Because the limits of the processor and RAM are quickly reached, especially when streaming various modern video games. 

Especially with fast, action-packed games, you simply need more power to use video games and streaming software at the same time.

The upload speed of your Internet connection is also extremely important when streaming and should definitely be adjusted to the platform used. 

For example, Twitch only allows a bit rate of up to 6,000 kbit/s, while YouTube offers up to 50,000 kbit/s

For a smooth stream with 720p/60FPS you already need between 3,500 and 5,000 kbit/s as an upload ,

for 1080p/60FPS you should bring 4,500 to 6,000 kbit/s in the upload .

However, if you are interested in transmissions in Ultra HD or 4,000p, you need up to 50,000 kbit/s – a bit rate that Twitch does not even make available.

In addition, of course, the choice of broadcasting software itself plays a decisive role, because here the costs, functions and possibilities sometimes differ greatly from one another. 

We have checked the best-known and most popular providers for you and will tell you exactly where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Best Streaming Software in 2022 (Twitch & Youtube)

OBS Studio

The Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is currently the most popular and most used program. It doesn’t matter whether you want to stream on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch, the clear design and the many options for integrating additional elements are very easy to use and can be learned in just a few simple steps –

if you know where to start. We will help you with the most important questions and explain, for example, where you can get your stream key on Twitch to find. 

Not only can you set up and manage different scenes in your profile and switch them at the push of a button, you can also add an alarm (e.g. for donations and new subscribers) or adjust your audio settings as you wish. Even recording videos is possible in both offline and online mode.

Due to its wide use, OBS Studio also offers the great advantage that you can find a guide for each of your problems or wishes. Should you nevertheless come across a topic that has not yet been adequately examined, you will quickly receive help from the community. 

OBS can best be described as follows: The software is easy to learn, but difficult to master, because the options for customization are varied and complex. 

On the other hand, OBS offers the direct option of automatic quick start for a smooth start. The program automatically determines the best settings for streaming quality and all you have to do is press the start button.

OBS Studio is offered for all common operating systems (Windows, Mac or Linux) and is available completely free of charge. Since this is an open source project, there are no other paid versions. 

You can therefore download the software completely legally for free and use it as you wish.

LINK: To the website


  • Suitable for all common operating systems
  • Completely free to use
  • Extremely easy start
  • Complex possibilities for individual adjustments
  • Suitable for live streaming and video recording at the same time


  • Beginners often feel overwhelmed at the beginning


In a clear second place – at least as far as awareness is concerned – is the program from SplitmediaLabs, a company based in the Philippines that has now developed a number of different offers and sells them under the XSplit label. 

The in-house software products, it is primarily aimed at all streamers who work on a professional level and are not only looking for a higher-class program, but also want to integrate various plug-ins from third-party providers. The company currently offers the following products:

XSplit Broadcaster: This program was already offered in a public beta version in 2010 and was picked up by some e-sports organizations shortly afterwards. 

XSplit Broadcaster opens up new ways for its users to really influence broadcast content and proves to be better positioned than the freely accessible OBS version, especially in the area of ​​data security. Anyone who deals more deeply with this software will be impressed by the multitude of features.

XSplit Gamecaster: Released in 2014, this alternative was specially designed for gamers who want to start streaming without much effort or preparation. The software automates many settings immediately after installation and thus enables a quick start on Twitch, YouTube and Co.

XSplit VCam: This is a relatively new program that is supposed to filter out the background even without using a green screen and thus allows the use of self-created backgrounds.

XSplit Express Video Editor: This completely free software is specially designed for creating short clips and aims to replace expensive, complicated video editing programs.

While only the first two programs allow streaming itself, the other two products are definitely useful extensions that every streamer can benefit from.

No matter what you ultimately choose, both SplitmediaLabs streaming offerings are offered in a freemium model. This way you can access at least part of the software for free and only decide to buy a (time-limited) license later. The majority of other providers use a similar method. 

Thanks to this structure, even beginners can test the products and get an overview of their possibilities without investing any money. However, the XSplit software currently only runs on Windows – other operating systems are not supported.

LINK: To the website


  • Various plugins
  • Many setting options for the audio area
  • Comprehensive service and support from the manufacturer
  • chroma keying


  • Many functions require a license
  • Not compatible with Linux and Mac

Streamlabs OBS

Anyone who has been on Twitch for a long time (whether as a viewer or streamer) will inevitably have heard of Streamlabs. For a long time this was the best way to play alert sounds, GIFs or text-to-speech messages via other streaming programs, to display (and receive) donations or to add themed graphics to the stream, for example. 

In the meantime, General Workings – the company behind the program – has also developed its own streaming software, which combines all the existing strengths and was specially designed for use on Twitch.

The handling itself is also extremely easy and although it is currently still a beta version that is not optimized for all systems, a large number of useful functions are offered. 

There are still a few bugs to be discovered here and there, but overall the program offers everything a streamer’s heart desires – and apart from the Prime version it is free of charge. 

The only drawback: the software is currently only compatible with Windows and cannot be used under Linux or Mac.

LINK: To the website


  • Lots of different plugins
  • Practical features and functions
  • Free themes and graphics
  • Is constantly being developed


  • No compatibility with Mac and Linux
  • Still in the beta phase

Xbox Game Bar

If your PC has Windows 10 you won’t need any other recording software than this, thanks to the built-in DVR functionality. You can record games with the Xbox Game Bar overlay by pressing the Windows + G key combination on your keyboard.

It works much the same as GeForce Experience, and if you liked its Instant Replay feature, Microsoft gives you equivalent background recording capability.

As handy as the Xbox Game Bar is for recording gameplay, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. By default the Xbox Game Bar records the screen at 30FPS, so you’ll need to switch to 60FPS – from the settings – for a better experience. Additionally, the resolution for recordings will be limited to 1080p, which may not be ideal for those who play at 1440p and 4K resolutions, which are now popular in the PC industry.

Download:  Xbox Game Bar (Free)


Which program do those channels choose that want to stream large events, for example, or are generally looking for the most comprehensive software? 

Wirecast is mentioned here particularly often because it is clearly aimed at professional streams that want to use a large number of additional functions. 

For example, it is possible to integrate 3D animated titles, conduct a video conference or use several levels (up to 250!) without great effort. 

In addition, the software is not only suitable for PCs, but can be connected to smartphones, tablets, cameras and all other devices with streaming properties, which is particularly interesting for IRL streamers.

The developer Telestream has released three different versions of the software, which have the same core properties, but differ in terms of their additional features. 

The Pro version offers a Network Device Interface (NDI) output including ISO recording, instant replays, live scoreboards and similar functions that cannot be found in the One version or the Studio version. 

After all, a 30-day free trial is available. For further use, however, a license must be purchased afterwards, which can be quite expensive. 

The three price models are between $119 and $799. With this one-off payment, you save yourself the constant monthly fees that most other software studios rely on.

Link: To the website


  • Streaming at multiple bit rates
  • Usable for over 30 platforms
  • 3D animated titles
  • Countless features and plug-ins


  • Expensive purchase price
  • High demands on the hardware

Lightstream Studio

Google, Nvidia and other providers continue to push cloud gaming forward, but currently its possibilities are still in their infancy. The situation is different in the area of ​​cloud streaming, because the free program Lightstream offers a sophisticated system.

The big advantage here is clearly the fact that the requirements for hardware performance have been greatly reduced and instead a good internet connection proves to be sufficient. 

The software itself works highly intuitively and automatically analyzes the existing system in order to select the best settings. Even during the stream, it constantly monitors a wide range of issues and adjusts the bitrate accordingly.

The features and advanced options that are offered by the competition cannot be found here, but the few settings have been thought through down to the smallest detail and work flawlessly. 

The possibility of simply inviting a second person to the stream via a generated link is particularly pleasing. With the in-house software Lightstream Prism, up to four streams can even be coupled with each other. 

Also practical: All functions can also be selected via a free app, so that the stream can be easily controlled via the smartphone. The program is available as a free version that lacks a few functions of the Creator Studio (approx. $25 per month) and the extensive Professional version (approx. $50 per month).

LINK: To the website


  • Low hardware requirements
  • Extremely simple to use
  • App control possible


  • Fewer features than the competition
  • Not everyone likes cloud streaming

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

If you use an NVIDIA graphics card to power your PC, I can only recommend the GeForce Experience recording software for your gaming videos. It uses GPU to encode the recording and offers different resolution and frame rate options.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience comes bundled with NVIDIA graphics drivers and its in-game overlay can be accessed by pressing the Alt + Z key combination on your keyboard. From this overlay you will be able to take advantage of all the recording and broadcasting options.

In addition to manual recording, GeForce Experience has a real gem, called Instant Reply, which puts it ahead of the competition: when this function is enabled, the software starts recording the screen indefinitely, without saving it. Recording for a set duration, on the other hand, is temporarily stored in a buffer until you manually choose to save it.

This feature is perfect for users who want to capture the best moments while playing: when you see something beautiful on the screen, just press the hotkey and save that piece of video as a clip.

Scarica: NVIDIA GeForce Experience

AMD Radeon Software

Just as NVIDIA users have access to GeForce Experience, AMD users can take advantage of an equivalent tool called Radeon Software. This tool offers you almost all the recording features offered by NVIDIA, including Instant Replay. This means that even if you choose one brand over the other, you won’t have to worry about giving up these software.

AMD’s Radeon software has a trick up its sleeve that some users might really appreciate: it’s basically an upscaling function that allows you to increase the resolution of the recorded clip when you’re about to save it. This helps improve the video quality of your gameplay recordings.

Download:  AMD Radeon Software (Free)


Gamecaster is a streaming focused application, just like OBS, with a simpler user interface for beginners. When setting up the software for the first time, you will be able to choose whether to prioritize streaming or recording. Everything is preconfigured and the video quality settings are automatic, with the GPU set as the default encoder.

For those who prefer manual settings, the software allows you to record in up to 4K resolution and switch to the CPU for encoding. Keep in mind that CPU usage for encoding will directly affect PC performance and you may experience frame drops while gaming. Overall it’s a great free recording software, a must have especially if you’re still testing how live streaming works. More experienced users will still be better off with OBS.

Download:  Gamecaster  (Free)


Similar to Wirecast, vMix’s software is primarily aimed at streamers and channels planning a comprehensive presentation. The StudioCoast Pty program has the most extensive functions of all the solutions presented and also scores with a price model that includes a total of six different levels with different services. 

The basic version is absolutely free, while the pro version costs around


HD: $350 USD

4K: $700 USD

PRO MAX: $1200 USD. 

Which model suits your own needs depends primarily on the desired stream quality and the required additional functions.

Without going into all the possibilities and features (and there are a lot of them), NDI integration, a variety of stream templates and even support for 4k streams are also included here.

In addition, an interface specially developed for touchscreens has been integrated, which simplifies the handling of the software and is ideal for events, concerts or similar events. 

Thus, vMix is ​​clearly (and not only in terms of price) aimed at more professional ideas and can compete with all other offers on the market.

LINK: To the website


  • Many different functions
  • NDI integration
  • Six different payment models
  • Sophisticated touchscreen interface


  • Licenses comparatively expensive
  • High hardware requirements

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