5 Best Streaming Software For Mac

5 Best Streaming Software for Mac – Recently, the chances of seeing live streaming of various genres have increased. From YouTube personal distribution, live broadcasting of events, sports, news, music, etc. to everyone, web conferences, new product information sessions, academic conferences, etc. are also held by live streaming. You can often see it.

I casually see and use it, but what kind of technology and equipment is used for distribution? In some cases, it is delivered in high quality using professional equipment and software, and in other services, it can be easily delivered using a smartphone app. This time, I would like to focus on software that can be streamed using a Mac.

5 Best Streaming Software for Mac

1) OBS Studio

Features: Open Broadcasting software, an abbreviation for open-free streaming software. It is a standard software for live game and streaming distribution on Mac. Not only can you broadcast the screen capture and webcam at the same time, but you can also record during distribution, so you can record the distribution screen for YouTube and add comments, etc., and then upload it as a video. Distribution sites: YouTube, Twitch, Nico Nama, TwitCasting, Vimeo, FacebookLive, Twitter, etc.

2) Streamlabs OBS

Features: Free streaming software based on OBS with Streamlabs features. You can use the chat box and alert box to display the viewer’s comments on the distribution screen at the time of distribution. In addition, it will notify you in real time of YouTube member registration and Twitch follow-up. Distribution site: YouTube, Twitch, FacebookLive

3) Wirecast

Features: High-performance, high-quality, paid streaming software. It has an excellent encoding function, and by making detailed settings, it is possible to deliver high-quality video regardless of the environment of the viewer’s terminal. It supports multiple cameras and can be distributed while switching between multiple images as a video switcher. In addition, it can be delivered to multiple services at the same time. Distribution sites: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, FacebookLive, Twitter, and many more

4) mimoLive

Features: Paid streaming software for Mac sold by a German software company specializing in applications for macOS and iOS. It enables professional high-performance, high-quality live streaming, and supports up to 8K UHD 7680 x 7680. Support for multiple cameras and simultaneous distribution to multiple services are also possible. 

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Since it is used overseas, it does not support Japanese, and many of the introduction sites are from overseas, so it is difficult for people who are not good at English to use it. Distribution sites: YouTube, Twitch, FacebookLive, Twitter, boxcast, and many more

5) StreamYard

Features: A distribution service with a paid version and a free version that can be used on the Web. Simultaneous distribution to multiple services is possible, It can be inserted, simultaneous recording is possible, and videos recorded later can be downloaded. Also, if it is free, it is possible to increase the number of participants to 6 people. Distribution sites: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, FacebookLive, etc.

Part2. Free video editing software Wondershare Filmora for editing videos on Mac

Video editing software is absolutely necessary for Mac users to edit material videos when streaming . Wondershare Filmora is the best video editing software for editing videos on Mac.  

In addition to basic cuts, effects and transitions, you can create professional-grade videos by using new keyframes and motion graphics.

There are plenty of ready-to-use effects, filters, transition patterns, and music sources for background music that come with the installation.

For example, if you record a live stream such as a live game, connect the exciting parts and interesting parts with Filmora X later, add transitions to complete it as a video, and upload it to YouTube, it will be one work. Will be created.

There is also a chroma key compositing function, so it is possible to compose a game screen and a player to create a live game video. Use Filmora for video editing that isn’t possible by default on your Mac.

Part3. Effectively utilize streaming distribution

I found that streaming distribution is not a high hurdle, but how was it? With the widespread use of SNS, streaming distribution has become more familiar than before.

In the past, there was an image that it was difficult for a specific distributor to distribute a certain amount of equipment, or if you use it for work, you need to be taken care of by a professional, but nowadays, you can use free streaming software with almost all the equipment you have. It’s easy to use. 

Many people want to see useful information and streaming distribution of attractive influencers, but there are also many viewers who want to get familiar information and information necessary for work from streaming distribution. YouTube etc. has expected values ​​that lead to channel registration from streaming distribution, so please take advantage of it

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