Best Streaming Accessories for Gaming in 2022

Best Streaming Accessories for Gaming in 2022 – In this post, we are going to see some of the best Accessories for both streamers of any type of game and for more professional gamers. All the items on this list have been chosen with the aim of making things easier and more practical for the streamer.

So we are going to see mostly very functional accessories. We are going to focus only on talking accessories and therefore, we are not going to include peripherals or computer components in this list. 

Now yes, let’s start.

Best Streaming Accessories for Gaming

The must have: Stream Deck

You may have heard of the Elgato Stream Deck a thousand times but it really is the perfect and necessary accessory for streamers: thanks to its table that allows you to configure actions and effects on its different buttons, you won’t waste so much time moving between tabs and programs.

Since you will have everything at your fingertips. Stream Deck integrates with your tools and automatically detects your scenes, media, and audio sources and lets you quickly control them with a single keystroke. 

For $112 you have the normal size or you can upgrade to the Stream Deck XL for $219 . If you’re just starting out, we recommend the regular size.

Elgato Stream Deck – Controller for live content, 15 customizable LCD keys, adjustable stand, Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 or later. 

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Green Background

Another very useful product for streamers is a green background. What exactly are they for?  The ‘green screens’ allow you to change the background and put the landscape you want. Or directly make the game occupy the entire screen , eliminate our room and only see us.

Some live streaming software already includes this function, but it is true that the final result will always be better if you use a green background.

Brands like Elgato sell their own green background for a price of $109.99 to $359.94 (standard size) but you can find other cheaper options.

Elgato Green Screen MT – Chromakey Hangable Panel, Auto Lock & Retract, Wrinkle Resistant Fabric, Wall/Ceiling Mount (190 x 200 cm). 

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Neewer Pro Photography Background 1.8 x 2.8M, Foldable 100% Pure Muslin Photo Studio Backdrop for Photography, Video and Television. 

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Headphone Stand

Although it may seem silly, support for your headphones is one of the best accessories for gamers and streamers: we use headphones for hours and hours and they require good care if we want them to last . 

Keeping them well placed in their support and thus also leaving them in charging mode if you have wireless headphones is much better than having them lying on the table in any way. Hooves are delicate and need to be cared for.

When you buy a good gaming headset, usually the support is already included. If this is not the case, we recommend that you look for support specifically designed for the brand of your helmets and thus ensure that it is 100% compatible. Almost all brands offer price supports, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them.

Pop filter for your microphone

Although many times the pop filter is included with the purchase of a gaming microphone, if you are currently using a cheaper model and want to improve the audio quality, a pop filter can help you.

A microphone pop filter helps soften high-pitched sounds , such as “p” and “b” sounds, by dispersing air before it reaches the microphone. Although an anti-popping filter is a very affordable accessory , it is actually very important for excellent audio output.

Neewer NW (B-3) 6 Inch Round Shape Studio Microphone Mic Wind Pop Protection Filter Poster with Bracket Clamp. $10.99

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Glasses Display

Surely you have never thought about it but some screen glasses, the so-called “blue light” ones, can save your life. Not in the literal sense but they will make a big difference. 

So many hours in front of the computer tire our eyes, we all know this: if we can minimize this sensation of dry and puffy eyes in any way, it is by using screen glasses. From here we highly recommend it.

Today, many brands are adapting to these needs and already offer blue light glasses. From our personal experience, we recommend the Barner brand, exclusive for this type of glasses.

best accessories for streamers and gamers
Barner brand 

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Mouse Pad

If you are one of those gamers who need freedom of movement, you need a good mouse pad that is non-slip at the same time. As you can see, it is a very practical accessory that if you are a gamer you are going to need yes or yes.

In this case, we directly recommend the Glorius PC Gaming Race XXL , a very popular model thanks to its high quality. The bottom of the mouse pad consists of a rubber layer, which very well protects it from accidental slipping, which can lead to unpleasant consequences when gaming.

The pad itself has a soft cloth surface that not only provides high comfort, but is also optimized for speed, control, and compatibility with a variety of mouse sensors and sensitivities.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Mouse Pad – XXL Mouse Pad – Black. 

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Extra: Small drinks fridge

To finish this list of the best accessories for streamers and gamers, let’s go with this “extra ” add-on. You may have noticed by now that many pro gamers have their little fridge stocked with beverages that help them stay cool and active during streams and competitions.

This accessory is already more of a decorative theme and not such a priority and we must bear in mind that it is quite an expensive product.

But if you can afford it, a small refrigerator for drinks is very good in the set up and you will always have the soft drinks you want. We already talked about another level but we mention it in this list in case you are looking for inspiration.

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