10 Best OBS Studio Plugins For 2023

10 Best OBS Studio Plugins For 2023 – In this article I will bring my top favorite OBS Studio plugins. I’ve been using and explaining about OBS Studio for years on Youtube and I tell you: these plugins are not here for nothing. They allow you to do much more sophisticated things than pure OBS. some of the things

  • animated motion transitions
  • animate any font or filter
  • face tracking (camera follow the face)
  • play sounds/sound fx with click
  • remove background without having the green cloth
  • go live to several places at the same time
  • add sources from other computers (webcam from a second computer, for example)

10 Best OBS Studio Plugins for 2023

Just high. I say that after interacting with them, you will see OBS Studio transform into something much more powerful and fun . You won’t even believe it’s the same show. Plugins will supercharge OBS and give your streams and recordings a lot more power. Let’s go to the top.

1. Move transition plugin

Animated motion transitions for your fonts.

And the big winner is the Move Transition Plugin. With it you can make transitions that move and resize the fonts on the screen. Like this? See below!

Powerful font motion animations

Imagine that you have two scenes (A and B) and in both there is a webcam with different position and size. When we switch from scene A to scene B, Move Transition recognizes that the camera source is present in both scenes and instead of triggering the default behavior of OBS (changing all screen elements), the plugin makes an animation that the webcam image of scene A slides and transforms until it reaches the final position and size of scene B. And this is really cool to see in practice.

I exemplified with just one source, however, in fact the plugin can do this with several sources at once. Every font that is common in both scenes undergoes this transformation animation and the others, which are not in the two scenes in question, appear or disappear. It’s really cool to see Move Transition in action. Your stream/recording looks much more professional.


2. StreamFX

Amazing set of effects, filters and other features.

Man, Stream Fx wasn’t put here by accident. What’s more, it’s amazing that this plugin just isn’t #1 because it’s just amazing. Look at some of the things he does:

  • Removes the background without the need for a green cloth (chroma key)
  • Rotates any scene in any direction, including 3d
  • Face tracking: move the camera to center your face
  • blur the background


And a bunch of other stuff. Install and play! See for yourself the power of Stream FX, you won’t regret it.

3 – obs-websocket + Touch Portal

Control OBS by mobile phone

With this plugin you can control your OBS Studio from your cell phone, which will turn into a streamdeck. I told you things were going to heat up as we got to the bottom of the top.

obs-websocket is a plugin (server) that establishes a connection, receiving commands and sending information (events) from OBS Studio to a specific client, for example, your cell phone via the Touch Portal app (client).

With the obs-websocket plugin added to OBS and the Touch Portal app installed on your smartphone, you can control almost everything from OBS via mobile:

  • switch scenes
  • enable disable fonts
  • play sounds
  • enable replays,
  • etc



Touch Portal will turn your phone into a streamdeck, which is basically a panel with several buttons configured to reflect a certain action in OBS Studio, for example, you can have a button to switch to your game scene and another button to activate a source. All of this is configurable.

4 – obs-ndi + NDI Tools

Add fonts from other devices (multiple computers)

We’re past the top half and now things are getting more and more interesting. In 4th position is the NDI technology that will give your OBS Studio superpowers.

Imagine you want to capture a game or camera that is on another computer, phone or tablet. Okay, that’s what NDI does. With it you can add OBS fonts that are on other devices. So, for example, if you have two computers A and B, you can add a game that is playing on computer B to the OBS of computer A.

With NDI, the possibilities are really endless, you can connect multiple devices and choose sources from each one of them to use in your transmission. No wonder this plugin is known as Capture Card Killer.



5 – Tuna

Share information of the songs you are listening to.

Do you listen to music during your recordings/streams and want to share what you’re listening to with your viewers? This plugin is what you are looking for.

It can read the music information (title, artist, album, cover, etc) directly from Spotify, VLC, Google Music App (desktop) and even directly from the browser on sites with SoundCloud. And it also makes it very easy for you to share this information on OBS.


6 – Replay Source

Instant replays in slow motion

The Replay Source plugin does what its name suggests: it generates replays.

“Ah, Agilso, but you can do a replay with OBS”… Yes, you can. But with this plugin you can generate not just a replay, but a slow motion replay instantly. And that’s really cool.

It works like this: you configure the hotkeys and every time you press them the last X seconds of what was transmitted are passed back to the viewer.


7 – Waveform

Generate audio visualizer (sound waves) for songs

In seventh place, I bring Waveform! It generates a really cool audio visualizer (those sound waves that react with the sound) in real time to visually represent any audio source you want!


8 – Input Overlay

Show keys and clicks in video

This plugin is really cool for gamers and even for those who do tutorials. Imagine that you want to show on the screen a visual representation of the keyboard, mouse or even the Xbox joystick, highlighting the pressed buttons in real time. Well, that’s exactly what this plugin does.


9 – Multiple RMTP outputs

Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously

With pure OBS (no plugins), you can only live to one platform at a time. But by installing Multiple RMTP outputs, you can make lives for several platforms at the same time, for example, Twitch, Youtube and Facebook! Yes, simultaneously.

You can also use this plugin to do the same live on two different channels within Youtube itself.

The part I need to highlight is that for each platform you are going to stream from, you will need to send the configured bitrate and this means that you will need to have a compatible internet for this. When you use a service like Restream.io, you stream to Restream’s server and it re-distributes your live to the services, so you’re doing a single stream, a single upload. But when you use this plugin, you are actually doing multiple uploads, that is, you are actually streaming to each of the configured platforms.


10 – Soundboard Dock

Panel to play sound effects and music with clicks

This plugin is great for anyone who wants to make their streams livelier. The soundboard is a dock (panel/tab) in OBS where you can configure buttons to play specific sounds.

For example, you can configure a button to play a clap or boo sound when you click it. The plugin simply plays an audio file of your choice when you press the button. So, you can even put the sound you want, even a song to play.

Same as standard OBS panels, Soundboard is a flexible panel, you can click and drag to position it anywhere in OBS, which makes it very convenient.


It turns OBS into a video editor by enabling keyframes

And that’s not all, by the way, that’s not even the most impressive part of this plugin. There is something much more powerful and sophisticated that this plugin does: it turns OBS Studio into a video editor, I mean, it brings the keyframe/animation functionality inside OBS.

With Move Transition, you can generate an animation that transforms any setting of any filter at any time interval you want. Like this? Let me give you an example.

Imagine that you have used a correction filter to change the color of a certain font. With Move Transition you can make a 2 second animation (for example) that changes the font from green to red. Or that takes her from point A to point B on the screen. Every configuration of all OBS effect filters can be animated with this plugin, which is absolutely fantastic.

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Bonus – Closed Captioning OBS Plugin

Automatically generated subtitles in OBS Studio

And for you who made it this far (I love you), I bring you a bonus plugin: a plugin that automatically generates subtitles for your OBS Studio broadcasts or recordings.

The plugin uses Google’s speech recognition algorithm to automatically generate captions as you speak. It is fully compatible with Portuguese and works very well. There are some words that don’t go well, but overall, it’s really great.

By default, the plugin generates Close Captions (CC) which are subtitles that are sent separately from the video, that is, your viewer will have the option to activate or deactivate the subtitles, configure size, color, etc. So, with this plugin, if you do a live for Facebook, Twitch or Youtube, the close captions option is enabled for viewers to use.

In addition to CC, the program also allows Open Caption (OC), which unlike CC that the viewer needs to enable, OC are fixed subtitles in the video, which all viewers will see all the time.


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