Best Live Streaming Software For Pc (Windows 7)

Best Live Streaming Software For Pc (Windows 7) – The video streaming process is slightly different than streaming gaming so a different set of tools is required for these tasks. The fact is, that any video streaming software can be used for game streaming, but not all streaming software can be used for live streaming needs. 

Keep in mind that tools used for live streaming needs are generally very expensive and can accommodate more features than gaming software. 

Currently, the market is flooded with so many tools that can work for your live video streaming needs. Some are better for professionals and others are useful for beginners. The price range also varies fairly.

Best Live Streaming Software for Pc

1. Wirecast:

Wirecast will help you share any content from your desktop and create an interactive relationship between your creations and your audience. It can record videos from unlimited devices such as computer desktops, iOS cameras, web feed and camera feed, etc. 

Users can easily customize their broadcasts using effects, transitions, animated titles, and live switching options. Offers multi-format encoding capabilities for live streaming and CDN.

Wirecast is widely used for various applications such as gaming, education, news, sports, live events, and entertainment as well as in churches. You can start with the free version of Wirecast or upgrade to the paid version from the online store.

2. XSplit Broadcast:

It is a powerful yet interactive video recording and live streaming tool that has a feature-rich platform. XSplit provides an easy way for all players to start broadcasting from their game console directly and PC connectivity can be used for streaming applications. 

You will be able to use two applications even if you pay for one license only. This platform extends support to all types of capture cards and can offer many professional production features. 

It offers custom plugins and useful integrations, making the uploading and editing process much easier during the live streaming process. Users will also be able to receive chat notifications from this platform. 

Users can purchase the premium license with several packages available, and XSplit can be upgraded for just $ 2.50 per month.

3. UStream Producer:

UStream Producer is a well known professional broadcasting software tool that provides comprehensive support for your live video production needs. 

It can help users add videos, music, and graphics to channels. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality allows you to quickly access files from your computer for quick multimedia streaming. Users can easily develop background music and can also add pre-recorded clips along with live frames. 

UStream Producer is used by many users for preparing presentations and for PowerPoint broadcasting needs. One of the amazing features of Ustream is its ability to add remote guests to video chats while broadcasting in HD. 

You can also record video with multiple switching functions, which is now much easier with intuitive tools. Ustream supports instant play options and playlists can be managed with ease. 

The free test is available for 30 days. The license can be purchased for $ 299, while the Pro version is accessible for $ 540.

4. VMix:

VMix will help you record, produce and broadcast your live events with ease, and professional productions can be developed with 4k, SD, and HD content. 

This platform extends support for capture cards as well as webcams and video files can be added with all popular file formats such as MXF, MOV, WMV, MPEG-2, MP4, and AVI. The supported audio files are WAV and MP3, and users can easily combine the video and audio input files from a single channel. 

There are 13 unique transition effects such as vertical cleanup, cube, crosszoom, fade, vertical cleanup, crop and blend transitions, etc. A more interesting feature of VMix is ​​its Live Video Effects feature which can be added in the form of Pan, Rotate, Zoom, Sharpen, De-interlace and Color. 

You can easily access the VMix platform on Android, iPhone, iPad, and other touch screen devices with ease. You can use a free 60-day vMix path while the paid version comes with lots of packages.

5. Magix YouCast:

Magix YouCast allows users to creatively share their best moments, and audiences can stay up to date with live chat. The user interface is quite impressive with all the advanced features that can help you record screenshots, games, and live shows. 

YouCast can easily recognize external devices and webcams, but it can also work with the Intel RealSense camera to produce very efficient results. This platform is commonly used by many visionaries, gamers, professional artists, and entertainers. 

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The green screen feature offers the ability to swap wallpapers quickly. You can take advantage of a free subscription for one month as a beginner platform and then purchase the paid version which offers many different packages.

6. BroadCam Video Streaming Software:

BroadCam allows users to enjoy live streaming from their PC and can capture inputs directly from computer screens, webcams, and many other compatible devices. It is much easier to add watermarks to videos using the Broadcast video transmission tool. 

This software can easily be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. This software is commonly used as an educational and commercial tool with lots of amazing features.

7. OBS:

OBS is available for free as open source broadcasting software. It can be used interactively on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. Its high performance audio/video recording skills make content generation much easier and many advanced filters can be applied to enhance the color information of images and videos. 

The audio mixing tool is sufficient to avoid noise from the input signals. It is much easier to access new sources on OBS, but also to duplicate existing ones. The settings panel has been significantly improved and simplified.

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