6 Best Live broadcast Software

6 Best Live broadcast Software 2022 – The live broadcast format (or lives) is a trend for the future that has gained a lot of support. Whether to grow your personal brand or innovate your company’s communication, these 6 free tools for making lives will help you achieve your goals!

Streaming live no longer requires specific or expensive material, nor are programs that occupy some kind of budget slice. To start and practice “at ease” in lives, you need to have an idea and apply it, always in mind to add value to (in this case) who can see the broadcast.

With this in mind, get to know these 6 free tools now to start venturing into this world of lives!

6 Best Live broadcast Software

1. StreamYard

The main tool for lives without using external programs or applications. It allows, from the web browser, to make live transmissions in full quality, but always very easily.

Start a live through StreamYard, The application can be configured without many complications, and within the studio it is possible to change and add elements such as banners and color kits.

In addition, the user can also broadcast to different social networks, such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter or Twitch.

2. Be.Live

Be.Live is a platform very similar to StreamYard. It works inside the browser, without having to install external programs. Setup is also made easy.

However, this tool does not allow for greater customization and is limiting in that regard. However, it has the advantage of supporting a video editing tool, something StreamYard doesn’t have.

3. Zoom

Then comes Zoom, a very popular program after the entire pandemic. Zoom has skyrocketed in popularity because it’s the way people get together, whether it’s for online classes, business meetings, or chatting.

However, this tool is also very versatile for the world of lives. Zoom also allows the user to broadcast their room to the world, through platforms such as Youtube. This way, you can have a conversation or lecture on the program and broadcast it.

4. Youtube Live

In the event that you just want to stream to Youtube, there is no better way than through Youtube Live itself. Google has developed and improved its alternative for the production of lives within its video platform.

 This live side of the platform has been gaining more and more adherence with live videos capturing more attention than other video mediums.

The great advantage compared to the previous ones is that it allows you to broadcast live from mobile devices with greater ease and practicality. In terms of desktop, if screen sharing is required, the process becomes something more complex.

5. Livestorm

Livestorm is slightly different from other live tools. This application has a more oriented focus on creating and sharing webinars. This modality of live broadcast has also gained a lot of support due to the fact that the pandemic “opens doors” to online events. Due to the fact that it is not possible to attend in person, with no other option, the events have moved online.

Livestorm allows, precisely, to create and structure webinars for different types of events. The free form is very limited, only giving 20 minutes with 10 participants.

However, it gives access to all the features, which is a plus. This is because you can get an idea of ​​the tool, and also because it allows you to train this type of events.

6. Restream

Finally, Restream is also a good tool to enter the world of lives. It not only allows the functionality of streaming from the browser, but also allows integration with other programs.

This can be particularly useful to use in conjunction with, for example, Zoom. The small downside is that it only allows you to stream to two channels at the same time. But when using in conjunction with other programs, this is a small adversity.

Ending Notes

These are just some of the different alternatives on the market. These being one of many, they are great tools that have no associated cost and allow you to start entering this universe of content.

Regardless of the choice, the focus will always be on delivering quality and relevant content to whatever channel it broadcasts. Then it’s just a matter of trying and doing, and I’m sure results in terms of visibility will follow!

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