10 Best Green Screens for Streaming in 2023

10 Best Green Screens for Streaming in 2023 – Are you interested in professional live streaming on Twitch , YouTube, and Facebook gaming and already have a powerful gaming PC with extensive equipment? 

Then purchasing a green screen is just the next logical step to finally upgrade your setup. Your room in the background disappears and your viewers can see more of what is actually happening in the stream.

The green screen technology itself is based on what is known as chroma keying – a process in which color-based image release is used in conjunction with complex computer software. 

In plain language this means: A specific program automatically filters a specific color tone from the image (the color green in the case of a green screen ) and replaces it either in post-processing or even in real time.

Nowadays, the green screen has replaced the outdated blue screen and has long since found its way into the streaming area. The potential of green screen technology is enormous and is not even fully exploited by many users. 

Together with a stylish overlay , a stream immediately has a completely different effect.

We have taken a look at the most popular models and in the following lines we will tell you exactly what you should look out for when buying a green screen.

How do you choose a Green Screen?

Before you decide to buy a green screen, you should think carefully about which properties play an important role for you. After all, the different models differ not only in the purchase price. 

It also applies here that more expensive is not always better. We have summarized the most important points for you in the following list:

Material choice: When choosing the green screen, you can usually choose between cotton or polyester, while some expensive variants even use fleece from animal sources (wool or silk). 

Cotton is usually the better material, as it absorbs light more easily and shines, especially under strong lighting. 

Polyester , on the other hand, is cheaper and suitable for beginners who do not have a professional setup.

Use of a tripod: Basically, you can attach a green screen to a wall and do not have to use expensive tripods for mounting , which usually take up a lot of space. 

However, these rods have the advantage that the green screen is stable and is not moved by the wind when the window is open. So make sure that it can be easily attached to common systems.

Size: A green screen requires a lot of space and must be set up and aligned optimally in order to do its job together with the camera on the video. 

In smaller apartments in particular, it can therefore make sense to use a product that can be folded up and put away in just a few simple steps. At the same time, the model you choose should be large enough to handle the tasks you have in mind.

Cleaning and wrinkle removal is also an important factor that should not be underestimated. Note that models that come folded must first be flattened with an iron before they are ready to use, otherwise the video recording will not work properly. 

Steam iron is suitable for this, as it frees the green screen from all disruptive factors within a few minutes.

The Best Green Screens for Streaming under $50

UTEBIT Photo Background

This particularly inexpensive model consists only of the green background , which is either hung on an additional frame or can be attached to a wall, for example, with little effort. 

The green screen consists of 100 percent polyester . This means that the fabric can not only be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

But it can even be wrinkled with an iron. Overall, the green background scores with a high level of usability and can be easily transported thanks to its low weight .


  • low weight (300 g)
  • machine washable and iron safe
  • suitable for all common tripods
  • excellent value for money
  • optionally available in white or black

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BDDFOTO Green Screen

This green screen represents a sensible investment if you are looking for a suitable background for your Twitch stream . 

Because of its size, you can use this piece of fabric for all of your larger content creation ideas . Note, however, that you are working with 100 percent cotton here, which means that the screen has a certain heaviness (its own weight of 700 grams ). 

At the same time, however, it is also possible to prevent unwanted light reflections without any problems , which greatly enhances the end result.


  • 100% high quality cotton
  • Wrinkles can be removed with an iron
  • perfect for standardized tripods
  • also available in black or white
  • particularly hard-wearing

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Neewer Green Screen

The largest model for less than 50 euros already scores with the choice of materials: the green screen is made of 100 percent cotton . This makes it particularly robust and suitable for many creative ideas. 

At the same time, the fabric is extremely practical to use , as you can simply put it in the washing machine and dryer for cleaning. 

Even removing creases with the help of an iron is possible without any problems. In addition, three studio clamps made of metal are included in the scope of delivery, which guarantee a particularly firm hold and thus support long-term use.


  • available in 6 different colors
  • including 3 high-quality spring clips
  • special light-absorbing structure
  • convincing price-performance ratio
  • ideal for content creators and streamers

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Aimosen Professional Set

This item is a comprehensive green screen kit that includes the essential green fabric, tripod, clamp and carrying case . This gives you the opportunity to position the green screen perfectly at home and thus achieve optimal alignment . 

In addition, the set can also be packed up quickly and taken to events such as TwitchCon or simply into the great outdoors. Professional IRL streamers appreciate this flexibility.


  • Available in three colors (green, black and white).
  • stationary and mobile use
  • complete set including stand tripods
  • practical transport bag
  • high durability thanks to robust materials

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Aimosen Green Background

This particularly inexpensive product is ideal for you if you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated entry-level model. 

It consists of 100 percent polyester and therefore offers a particularly long service life , extremely simple handling ( suitable for washing machines and irons ) and many flexible uses. 

The green screen is also supplied with four clamps , which are not only suitable for attachment to tripods and stands, but have also been created to be very stable . When attaching, however, make sure that the clips are not visible in the video.


  • Available in three color variations (black, green and white).
  • easy cleaning via washing machine
  • extra durable materials
  • including four tripod clamps
  • particularly cheap to buy

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A comparison of the most Popular Premium Green Screens


The complete set from amzdeal is an ideal support kit : In addition to the three backgrounds made of polyester in the colors green, black and white, you get four support rods which, together with the two height-adjustable stands, enable optimal suspension. 

Lamps can even be mounted on the particularly stable framework , so that you can illuminate your stream according to your wishes and coordinate it with the coloring of your gaming keyboard .


  • easy to assemble tripod support system
  • including three backgrounds
  • with transport bag for mobile use
  • washable and ironable
  • 100% polyester

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This complete set is also based on a combination of high-quality tripods and supports in connection with a large green screen. The entire system can be set up in just a few simple steps and in a very short time, which is particularly useful when you change locations frequently .

When used stationary, the system scores with stability , selected materials and a longevity that has already convinced many customers.


  • complete system for beginners as well as professionals
  • including a specially made carry bag
  • high-quality material (100% cotton)
  • Iron and machine washable
  • also suitable for mobile use

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This comprehensive set is aimed at both photographers and streamers looking for a variety of additions . In addition to the background in three colors (green, white, black), high-quality lamps for perfect illumination as well as light umbrellas , a transport bag, a reflector and a complete support system are included in the scope of delivery. 

So if you have slightly higher demands on your own green screen system , you can get everything your heart desires here and don’t have to look around for other accessories. So rather invest in a first-class microphone for your videos.


  • 100% cotton green screen
  • simple bar system with high stability
  • including reflector, light shade and lamps
  • particularly long service life thanks to high-quality materials
  • for both beginners and professionals

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The really special thing about the product from Elgato is clearly the assembly and disassembly: The green screen is supplied in a handy aluminum case and can be assembled directly from the case in just a few simple steps. 

The top is simply pulled upwards, whereupon the automatically locking frame engages and guarantees a stable stand . It can also be dismantled within a few seconds, making this model ideal for mobile use or quickly finding its place in smaller apartments.


  • high-quality materials
  • Faster assembly and disassembly thanks to pop-up technology
  • space-saving storage
  • 100% polyester (Dacron by DuPont) green screen
  • perfect for tight spaces

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Similar to the Elgato model, this green screen was also specially designed for situations in which there is frequent assembly and disassembly – for example in small apartments or when you are constantly changing locations. 

A premium scissor joint and spring balancer system has been added to the back, reducing assembly and disassembly to just a few seconds. Once dismantled, the green screen can be easily placed in a closet or under the bed, so that hardly any storage space is required.


  • faster assembly and disassembly
  • requires little storage space
  • high quality and robust materials
  • 100% polyester
  • suitable for mobile use

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Ultimately, the question can only be answered on an individual basis, because basically you can already achieve decent results with a simple green screen, a webcam and a few thumbtacks. A support system , on the other hand, ensures better alignment and keeps the green screen firmly in place so that the recording quality is not affected.

If you also add additional lights, diffusers and reflectors to your setup, the recording quality improves many times over. As a regular content creator, you will quickly notice the advantages of a complete setup.


The costs of a green screen setup ultimately depend heavily on the desired add-ons. You can get a simple green screen without a support system for less than 30 US Dollar , while you can find the first complete sets for around 50 euros . These models are already suitable for live streaming .

The particularly compact models with spring balancers, on the other hand, cost over 100 US Dollar, but offer space-saving use or simple mobile use 

If you also add softbox lamps and the like to your system , you can pay even more here. However, these variants are only suitable if you create videos at a professional level or want to take your stream to the next level.

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