Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under $50 (2022)

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under $50 – If you regularly spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it is worth investing in accessories that significantly increase your comfort . In addition to a decent mouse , you should therefore buy one of the best gaming keyboards right away. 

However, in addition to a pleasant feel or fast transmission rate, pay particular attention to the longevity of the technology . After all, gaming peripheral prices can pile up quickly.

Compared to a webcam , gaming keyboards (just like the right mouse) are an absolutely essential purchase when playing PC games – even live streaming via portals such as Twitch can take place without a picture, but not without a working input device. 

But does it have to be a mechanical keyboard or are cheap rubber dome keyboards enough ? Which switches do you need and is it worth buying a wireless model?

We have selected the most popular gaming keyboards for you and will tell you exactly what you should look out for when buying a modern gaming keyboard.

Best budget gaming keyboard under $50

#1 – Victsing Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard Type: Rubber Dome | Connection Type: USB | Size: 438*190*28MM

If you don’t have large sums of money to buy your new gaming keyboard, just take a look at offers like the VicTsing Gaming Keyboards . In the model presented here, the stable metal plate pleasantly increases the total weight and thus ensures a firm stand on the desk.

Like many rubber dome keyboards, these also score with an ergonomic palm rest , waterproof workmanship and particularly narrow optics , which are additionally enhanced by the optional RGB lighting. 

Gamers in particular can also benefit from the anti-ghosting technologyfor a total of 19 keys, since hectic situations in video games are no longer a problem. This means that the rubber dome keys can be used in MOBAs or MMORPGs without any problems.


  • Lifetime of up to 20 million clicks
  • Ghosting protection for 19 keys
  • Multimedia control via F-keys possible
  • easy installation thanks to Plug & Play
  • robust metal plate with attractive plastic buttons

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#2 – Klim Chroma Wireless

With more than 24 hours , the battery life of this inexpensive gaming keyboard is already convincing. If the internal battery starts to weaken while playing, you can connect the keyboard to a power source via a USB cable and simply charge it while using it. 

Also practical: You can use the twelve integrated F-keys for various multimedia functions. In addition, the look of the gaming keyboard is impressive, because in addition to a tidy layout, there is colorful lighting that is divided into three different areas and even has an energy-saving mode.

Keyboard Type: Rubber Dome | Connection Type: Wireless | Size: 440*144*29MM


  • different lighting effects as well as settings
  • particularly quiet typing thanks to the rubber dome
  • long service life (over 10 billion keystrokes)
  • waterproof, robust construction for intense gaming experiences
  • simple plug & play via USB dongle

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#3 – Pictek Mini Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard is primarily aimed at gamers who don’t have much space on their desk and are therefore looking for a particularly compact model . 

The PICTEK product does without the num block entirely, but instead offers high-quality blue switches, complete anti-ghosting  and an optional RGB backlight with 27 different setting options. 

Thanks to modern Plug & Play , the drivers also install themselves completely automatically, so that you can use the gaming keyboard after just a few seconds and start streaming , for example .

Keyboard Type: Mechanical | Connection Type: USB | Size: 370*146*41MM


  • Ghosting protection for all 87 keys
  • a total of 27 different lighting options
  • compact layout with spill-resistant keys
  • suitable for use on the PlayStation 4
  • blue MX Cherry Switches with high trip point

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Even with the RGB lighting, it quickly becomes clear that AUKEY values ​​state-of-the -art optics with this product . Each row of this gaming keyboard is illuminated with a different color, creating an unusual rainbow effect. 

You can choose between eight preset lighting effects or even create your own effects using the manufacturer ‘s free software . 

From a technical point of view, the mechanical keyboard also offers some practical additions, including 100% protection against ghosting or media control via the F keys .

Keyboard Type: Mechanical | Connection Type: USB | Size: 434*135*37MM


  • blue Outemu switches
  • 100% anti-ghosting
  • Keycap puller included
  • practical protection against splashing water and dust
  • individual lighting effects adjustable

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#5 – Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

Every gamer should be familiar with the US company Logitech , which has been producing a large number of popular gamer keyboards every year since it was founded in 1981. 

This gaming keyboard has also been able to convince many fans positively, as it scores with a high level of user comfort due to its size and the comfortable hand rest alone. 

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The freely programmable G-keys , which can execute various macros as required, are also practical . One press on these multimedia buttons and your stream changes the twitch overlay , for example . Streamers in particular benefit from these additions to gaming keyboards.

Keyboard Type: Mech Dome |  Connection Type: USB | Size: 452*218*33MM


  • splash-proof protective membrane
  • ergonomically comfortable palm rest
  • freely programmable G-keys
  • Particularly quiet keys thanks to Mech-Dome
  • get different lighting effects

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