How to Add Panels on Twitch Channel: 7 Easy Steps (2022)

How to Add Panels on Twitch Channel: 7 Easy Steps (2022) – The image of your profile as a streamer is the first thing you should take into account if you want to start in this world: having a logo, the main banner, and your social media links… are essential elements to create your identity as a streamer. 

In this post, specifically, we are going to talk about the description panels and we will teach you how to create and configure the Twitch panels. 

But first of all, what are panels? Panels are the best way to inform your viewers and let them know much more about you : it is all the information that you usually find below the streaming video, where information about the streamer (a short introduction), rules of the streaming, sponsors, streaming schedules, social network links, moderator team and donation system among others.

These design elements are usually entrusted to a freelance designer, but if for now you cannot afford to pay third parties, we recommend this other post where we share some free pages and programs to create your own Twitch panels, without the need for you to be an expert.

In the matter. You are going to need some headers and banners if you want to have more professional panels.

How to Add Panels on Twitch

If you already have the designs done and you are clear about what content you are going to put on the panels, the next step will be to put it on your Twitch profile. Let’s see step by step how to do it:

Log In to Twitch

1. Log in to our Twitch profile and go to our channel tab

Click on About Tab

2. Now we will go to the About tab , from which we can customize some aspects of our image:

Toggle Edit Panels Option

3. We activate the option Edit panels

Twitch Additional Options

4. Next, before uploading our images and our texts, we will be shown some default extensions that we can activate . 

For example, sharing our Twitter feed or the latest songs heard on Spotify. To activate one of these extensions, it will only ask us to synchronize it with our account and activate it.

For example, we have activated the Twitter timeline extension as the first panel and it looks like this (you can customize the colors):

This is about exploring all the extensions you have available and activating the ones you like the most: streaming calendar, latest followers, subscription reminder with Prime Gaming, Instagram profile, etc. There are many options.

Add Text Or Image

5. Now yes, we are going to see how to upload our own headers as new panels . This is where we will put all of our information.

You have to have your panel designs on hand. We, to give an example, have used the free Arcade Pop panels from the Nerd or Die website, one of our all-time favorites. A PSD file will open where you can customize the texts of each panel.

Add Panel Title

6. To add a new panel, we click on the + block and in this case, we select the option to upload the text and the image ourselves , not the option to go to the extensions panel, which is what we have seen previously.

7. Here we will upload our header image and put the description text . We recommend that if you already have a header image, you do not put the title of the panel because it is very repetitive, but if you still do not have any design you can simply put a title as text.

Save and Review the Panel

8. We click send and our new panel will be shown :

9 . We can add as many panels as we want and also change the order simply by dragging the blocks.

Now that you know how to create and configure Twitch panels, it’s about exploring the different extension options offered by the platform and customizing your headers to create your identity as a streamer, according to your logo and your main banners.

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