6 Best Gaming Chairs For Big guys (2022)

6 Best Gaming Chairs For Big guys (Edition 2022) – Choosing the right gaming chair according to its size can be tricky for larger gamers. Too low a seat that compromises the position of your legs and knees, an excessively small backrest that prevents you from having good support at the level of the neck… Does that speak to you?

Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of this problem , and some offer gaming chairs suitable for adults in their catalog.

In this article, we’re going to scour the market for the 6 best gaming chairs for big guys , so you can (finally) find something that lets you spend hours in front of the PC without the slightest pain .

What should you pay attention to when choosing a gaming chair for tall people?

If you came to our site looking for a great gaming chair, it ‘s probably because ergonomics is one of your main criteria . I get it, there’s nothing worse than buying a gaming chair and later finding out that back pain persists after a few hours of gaming.

I would pay attention to the points below before deciding whether this large gaming chair is right for you or not:

  • The height of the seat will determine the position of your legs. Ideally, the knees should form a 90° angle when sitting. But be careful, your gaming desk must be in harmony with your chair. Otherwise, the armrests will not go under.
  • The dimensions of the seat . The depth is important to guarantee a good support surface and to avoid the impression that our legs are leaning from the chair. On the other hand, in particular, if you are tall in the thighs, look for a seat that is wide enough.
  • The height of the backrest is vital if you don’t want your head sticking out too much.
  • Adjusting the head restraint cushion . Some models are more flexible than others to put the cushion in the right place for us.

Large Size Gaming Chairs Comparison

Before moving on to the full analysis, here is a small summary table of the models that we will discuss in a moment:

Corsair T2
Road Warrior
Quersus GEOS
Southern Wolf Chair
Nokaxus Gaming chair

Max load

Armrest adjustment
CoatingFabric or
Fabric +
LeatheretteFabric or

Ranking of the 6 Gaming Chairs for Big Guys

1. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 XL Version

Finally, at the top of the ranking, the Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 XL chair . The Singaporean brand stands out from competitors thanks to its professional chairs . That said, the price to pay is often beyond the budget of most gamers.

This large gaming chair is synonymous with robustness , being able to support loads of up to 180 kg. Secretlab has got rid of lumbar cushions and incorporates an adjustment system that allows us to precisely adapt the shape of the chair to our morphology. In addition, the magnetic headrest cushion will allow you to place it exactly where you need it.

An interesting feature is that you can choose the type of coating you want : either leatherette or fabric. I’m going to be picky here, it’s a shame real leather upholstery isn’t available for the Titan XL series.

Not much to say about its weak points. Indeed, if money is not a concern for you, it is undoubtedly THE gaming chair for large sizes .

I tested the model in normal size , .


  • Possibly one of the best chairs in the world.
  • Very precise lumbar adjustment system.
  • Headrest cushion with magnetic attachment.
  • 3 year warranty.

The lessers

  • Very high price.

See on the Official website

2. Diablo X-Player 2.0 Chair

Diablo gaming chairs are a benchmark in the mid-range market. They are available in three sizes : S, M and XL; and I must say that the XL models are huge, designed for larger gamers. The backrest, for example, is almost a meter high and these models can hold a maximum load of… 200 kg !

In particular, the Diablo X-Player 2.0 chair has an impeccable finish. The upholstery perfectly combines faux leather parts with high-quality breathable fabric . Comfort is ensured thanks to the 3D armrests and the two cushions provided, for the neck and for the lumbar. Filled with memory foam , they adapt quickly around our body.

But before embarking on the purchase of the Diablo chair, I would like to mention the only aspect that I am not 100% satisfied with: the depth of the seat (59 cm) . For example, it’s about 10cm longer than the Secretlab Titan XL. If you don’t have long legs, it might be a bit awkward. That’s why I only recommend this gaming chair if you measure more than 1m80 .


  • Sufficient size for all sizes.
  • Fantastic design.
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes.

The lessers

  • The chair tends to squeak after a while.

See on the Official website

3. Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Another large gaming chair to consider is the Corsair T2 Road Warrior . Its stunning design with subtle carbon touches gives it a sober and elegant appearance.

This chair is designed for people who are tall and athletic looking . But I admit that it has disadvantages for those who are very bulky in the thighs . The seat is not particularly wide (50 cm), which might make you feel a little stuck. On the other hand, the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer is 136 kg, below the average for this type of chair (150 kg).

Apart from that, the height of the seat is the greatest I have ever seen: it is adjustable between 52 and 60 cm. If you have long legs, this is going to be perfect so that you can maintain the ideal knee angle in terms of ergonomics. On the other hand, be careful with the armrests! They may not fit under the desk.

For more info, we have already analyzed all the models in the Corsair range in this article .


  • Well finished finish.
  • 4D armrests.
  • Available in several colors.

The lessers

  • Maximum load: 136 kg.
  • Relatively narrow seat width.

See on the Official website

4. Quersus GEOS Large Gaming Chair

The Quersus brand is renowned for its high-end armchairs . In particular, the Quersus GEOS series is aimed at tall people, and offers us a wide range of models, including special editions with unique designs .

No need to worry about comfort, Quersus designers are experts in the field . The 4D armrests allow ideal elbow support and thanks to the lumbar curvature adjustment system, you can spend hours in front of the PC without the slightest back pain. In addition, the backrest design is wide enough to avoid that feeling of being stuck that gives us certain “racing” models.

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Just like other premium manufacturers, GEOS chairs are available in faux leather or fabric , so the choice is yours depending on your preference. In short, a first-level adult gaming chair. The only problem, as usual, is the price . You will have to be ready to pay more than 400 €.


  • Excellent quality and finish.
  • Wide choice of models from the GEOS series.
  • Exceptional comfort.

The lessers

  • Fairly high price.
  • Backrest tilt 140° max.

See on the Official website

5. Southern Wolf Tall Gaming Chair

The Southern Wolf gaming chair is a similar alternative to the previous product, recommendable if your budget is limited to 250 € . As before, the lumbar massage function is pleasant, and will allow you to relieve the muscles after an intense game. The retractable footrest is not missing.

Another interesting point are the integrated Bluetooth speakers on the backrest. You can connect your PC or smartphone to the chair and enjoy a more immersive sound experience . Obviously, the sound quality is not comparable to real speakers, but it does the job. In addition, you can put your laptop in the small pocket on the side if you ever connect it by cable.

Let’s talk about the weak points now. The armrests are only adjustable in height. Yes, it’s not the end of the world, but I like to have at least the possibility of turning them in order to ensure good support at the level of the elbows. Finally, the 135° backrest tilt could be seen as a major limitation for gamers who like to lie down completely.


  • Integrated Bluetooth sound system.
  • Pleasant lumbar massage function.

The lessers

  • 1D armrests.
  • Tilt limited to 135°.

See on the Official website

6. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is designed for tall people looking for a comfortable alternative under $210 . The backrest has a height of 92 cm (there are few on the market that are so tall), which provides good head support even for taller gamers.

This gaming chair incorporates two additional features to improve the user experience: a lumbar massage function and a retractable footrest . However, in my opinion, this is not what gamers are looking for in full-size gaming chairs. On the one hand, the massage function is not adjustable in speed ; on the other hand, the footrest is probably too short for someone with long legs.

However, this adult gaming chair has its strengths: you can stretch out completely thanks to its 180° folding backrest , and the padded armrests are certainly pleasant. This large gaming chair therefore has a good price-performance ratio and would be ideal for you if your price limit is $210.


  • Good value for money.
  • 2D padded armrests.
  • Also available in pink.

The lessers

  • Footrest a little too short.
  • The adjustment of the headrest cushion is not optimal.

See on the Official website


Finding a large gaming chair for Big Guys is of course difficult and the choice is often limited. The most suitable products are often more expensive – which is understandable since the size of the market (and therefore the demand) is still small.

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