123Movies Proxy List & Mirror Sites [2023]: 123Movies Alternatives

123Movies Proxy & Mirror Sites List [2023]: 123Movies Alternatives – 123movies is a movie streaming website that allows users to stream and download popular and latest movies for free. It has an extensive library containing thousands of movies and TV shows of various genres

What is 123movies?

123movies is a movie streaming website that allows users to stream and download popular and latest movies for free. It has a vast library that has thousands of movies and TV shows of various genres. 123movies does not require any account registration, login or membership fees.

There are different types of content available on 123movies like Movies, TV shows, Anime etc. Users can easily stream their desired movie by visiting the website and simply clicking on the content title. content they want to see. Movies play instantly (a few pop-ups open on click, ignore them) and users can search for their desired content if it is not displayed on the home page.

Another great feature of 123movies is that if users cannot find any movie on the website, they can click on the Request tab and fill out the movie request form. The website owner will then review and upload that particular movie on the website as per the user’s request.

123movies can be classified as a torrent website like Yify, Kickass, 1337x that have many content titles ready for users to access. However, the difference is in the nature of website operations as torrent websites host the content they offer while 123movies website does not host any content. While the content can be easily streamed on the website, sources report that the files are not actually stored on the website server.

If you are a Kodi user then you might be surprised to know that there is also a 123movies Kodi add-on. It allows you to stream all your favorite movies from its library. Make sure you are downloading the plugin form a trustworthy repository, as there are many fake 123movies apps and extensions available online.

123movies faced a lot of heat from authorities in the US and UK and this led to the shutdown of their official domain “123movies.to”. The domain name went unused and the site never came back online.

Is 123movies down?

The original domain name of 123movies which was 123movies.to was shut down after the website owners faced legal charges pressed by the authorities. Earlier this year, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) listed 123movies as the most popular illegal website among the notorious websites.

Is 123movies down

About 98 million users visited this notorious website every month, which caused concern for the authorities. An illegal website gaining such traffic is always a point of concern.

Currently, the official domain of 123movies has been shut down but its mirror sites are still active. Another rumor in the industry is that 123movies still operates under other names like 123movies hub. However, some people believe that these are clone sites and that the official 123movies website is no longer active.

I tried visiting the mirror sites and noticed that the mirror sites had updated content and I thought the rumors might be true.

Is123movies safe/legal?

No, 123movies is not legal to use as I mentioned that MPAA has run after it because it provides pirated content. Viewing or downloading such content is illegal and you could get into serious trouble if you participate in it.

For its safety, such websites have malware and viruses in place. 123movies has been a subject of malware and virus hosting in the past and that is why I call it unsafe. Now that the site is down, we cannot check if the site is still hosting any potential threats but when I checked its mirror sites, the results showed that they are also not safe.

Fifa world newsIt is highly recommended to connect to a VPN while streaming movies via 123Movies. 123Movies has been declared illegal because it streams movies online for free. In addition to the unmatched security benefits that VPNs provide, VPNs will keep your activity safe, anonymous, and unblock geo-restricted content..

Is 123movies safe ?

It is always better to stay away from such potential threats if you do not have any antivirus software on your device that can protect you from such threats. No matter how fun those sites seem, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

123Movies Proxy / Clones and Mirrors / Similar to Website

There are over 50 clone sites of 123movies currently online and they all have almost the same content in their libraries. I have listed the top 50 clone sites that you can search for:

URL trang webStatusSpeed
1. https://123movies.co/ONLINEVery fast
2. https://gostream.is/ONLINEVery fast
3. http://123movies.gsONLINEFast
4. http://123movies.net/ONLINENormal
5. http://123-movie.ruONLINEVery fast
6. http://123movies.toONLINEFast
7. http://123movieshd.toONLINEVery fast
8. http://eimovies.isONLINENormal
9. https://eimovies.com.ru/ONLINEFast
10. https://eimovies.pet/ONLINENormal
11. https://eimovies.space/ONLINEVery fast
12. https://eimovies.tech/ONLINENormal
13. https://123movie.space /ONLINENormal

Is 123Movies unblocked in the UK?

At the request of the MPA (Europe), more than a dozen illegal websites were ordered to be closed by the UK Supreme Court. Among these websites, 123movies website tops the list as it is the most used piracy website. Here are the websites that the court ordered to shut down:


123movies has shut down but as rumored, it is still available online through its mirror sites. However, it is no longer accessible in the UK because of strict anti-piracy laws considered by the authorities.

However, those of you who want to have 123movies unblocked in the UK, you can use a VPN and access it by connecting to any neutral zone where the website is accessible.

Fifa world news123Movies is not available in the UK due to copyright issues. To access 123Movies in the UK, it can be unblocked using a VPN. In addition to the unmatched security benefits that VPNs provide, VPNs will keep your activity safe, anonymous, and unblock geo-restricted content..

123movies alternative or sites like 123movies

The official website of 123movies is no longer online but there are similar websites online that can be used to stream movies for free. These sites do not require a login or membership fee like 123movies. Here are the 10 best 123movies alternatives to satisfy your streaming hunger:

  1. Yes! Movie
  2. Vumoo
  3. ShowBox
  4. VexMovies
  5. Niter
  6. Phim25
  7. Watch for free
  8. GoMovies
  9. Popcorn
  10. Zmovies

Last word

Online piracy has been a serious concern for content producers and distributors over the past few years as the trend of piracy has increased dramatically. It started with torrent sites and then sites like 123movies started appearing online. 123movies allowed users to stream their movies without paying a single penny and this trend spread like a wildfire.

However, over the past few years, authorities have become very observant on the internet and the crackdown on such services is becoming rapid. Such websites have millions of visitors who draw eyeliner very easily and this is what happened with 123movies.

The authorities realize its popularity and that is why it bites the dust. However, its mirror sites are still online but users will always be reluctant to use those sites, as they can be malicious and harmful.

Users who choose to use such websites should remember that these websites are illegal and using them can easily put them in danger as they may face legal charges for accessing the content. copyright infringement. If you still want to use such sites, the best way to do so is anonymously. Use a VPN service to ensure your privacy and surf anonymously but choose a trusted VPN provider with the best encryption and service.

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